Excellent customer service starts with understanding and fulfilling the expectations of the customers. While every business strives to meet and exceed its customers’ expectations; identifying the customers’ needs and priorities may turn out to be a puzzling endeavor especially when you are catering to a diverse target audience. So what do your customers want and expect from you? Here is a look at six common things which all customers want:

Timely and Unrivalled Service

According to a research conducted by Bain and Company, “A customer is four times more likely to switch to a competitor brand if the problem he/she facing is service related rather than price or product related.” One of the most important things which customers want from you is unrivalled service, so don’t keep them waiting in line or ignore their concerns by not listening to them when there is a complaint. Moreover, your customers expect competent and professional people to serve them, so make sure you have capable and trained people on board who are well-equipped with all the necessary product/service knowledge and good communication skills. Customers prefer easy to access, simple, prompt and around the clock service; so always offer them efficient and quick customer service.

Personalized and Delightful Experience

Customers like personalized service; being remembered and cared for is the inherent desire of every human. Stats reveal that “60 percent of the online customers prefer a store that remembers their contact and purchase details.” Therefore, if you want your customers to be happy and contented with your service, offer them a personalized experience. Start off with personalizing your greeting and marketing messages, make a list of your repeat customers, their preferences and offer them a gratifying experience every time they walk in, go the extra mile by wooing them with gift vouchers and personalized holiday cards. Customers want to develop affinity with a brand that truly cares for them; you can build a strong emotional bond with your customers by personalizing your service.

Customers Yearn for Something New and Innovative

Customers get excited about a new product and they expect brands to consistently innovate their products. A study conducted by Nielson reveals that “60 percent of global customers prefer to buy new products from a familiar brand.” To stir the interest of your customers and entice them, update your product rack on a regular basis. Tech savvy customers want constant innovation and new features to products so keep offering them something new. Make sure your product offers customers true value for their money.

Customers Love Discounts

Customers of all kinds love discounts and loyalty programs. A well-devised discount strategy will win you more customers and revenue. In addition to the regular seasonal discounts, give your customers a reason to shop at your store by holding biweekly or monthly sales. Offer your repeat customers, special discount offers on their special days like birthdays and anniversaries, turn your annual brand celebrations into a “flat 50 percent off” sale day. Offer surprising discounts on national holiday and festivals.

Customers Needs


In order to win the trust of customers, you need to reciprocate that trust. Online customers especially are particular about their privacy and security rights, since they do not want their personal information or credit card details to be misused. In addition to explaining the privacy policy on your website, you should proactively reach out to every customer and build that comfort and trust level with them, ensuring that their personal information is safe with you.

Customers Want to Feel Valued

All customers want to feel valued. While there are the conventional approaches to make the customers feel important, think out of the box to come up with unique ways of appreciating your customers. For instance, Sainsbury changed the name of their product “Tiger Bread” to “Giraffe Bread” on the recommendation of a three year old customer, United Airlines delayed a flight for a customer whose mother was on the death bed, Zappos is a brand dedicated towards offering amazing customer service and experience. You can create brand advocates out of valued customers by anticipating their needs.