In an ever growing competitive environment, it can be quite challenging for new businesses to retain customers. For a startup, one of the key factors for success is offering customers an innovative and satisfying experience. Before you devise a customer service strategy to win your prospective customers, it is necessary to do thorough research on your potential clients and competitors. Put yourself in the customers’ shoes to understand what they would be expecting from a new brand. You don’t need to have a huge budget to offer a delightful customer experience, all it takes is a smart customer centric approach and utilizing your resources in the right direction. Here are a few simple tips that are likely to be useful in improving your customer’s experience!

Be a Brand that values Customers

Incorporate the concept of customer service in your organizational structure and make your customers feel that they are a valuable asset for you. Offer them personalized services to make them feel “special”. The first step towards building a strong relationship with your customers is making the experience personal and memorable enough to create your brand value. For startups it is an advantage to personally know their customers, you would be able to offer better service that way, knowing the preferences of your customers which would make the experience satisfying. Making your first customers happy is likely to earn you new ones through word of mouth advertising.

Service Consistency Matters

While you have an amazing product range, if your customer service staff lacks communication skills, or your billing processes take a long time, you are not likely to earn yourself a distinguished brand name or customers. For startups the best way to create a following for their business is to offer consistent quality service. From greeting the customers to product delivery make sure that everything is what a customer would expect. Your customers might prefer your competitor because of prompt service or friendly staff, so pay attention to every single step of the customer journey and create consistency.

Facilitate your Customers

The more you will facilitate your customers, the more they would feel inclined towards your business. Facilitate your customers and be flexible when it comes to return/exchange policies, refund or other service issues. Be accommodating and listen to a disgruntled customer without arguing, show empathy and try to resolve customer complaints within minimal time. Make your customers feel welcomed and comfortable every time they walk in.

Communicate Actively and Effectively

It is of utmost importance for startups to stay connected with the social media savvy customers who want anything and everything at the touch of a finger these days. Create worth noticing social media profiles and communicate actively with your prospective customers to answer queries and address their concerns. Instead of using only the conventional medium of communication like e-mail or phone, also make use of live chat, Facebook and twitter. Be there for your customers when they require support.

Learn and take Inspiration from Top Brands

Take inspiration from top brands, learn their best practices and replicate their strong customer service points in a unique way. You can even learn from the brands that failed because of poor customer service. In order to offer your customers a memorable experience, you need to study both positive and poor service examples for coming up with a smart and focused approach.