The popularity of spa services are on the rise as more and more people opt for it. According to the ISPA 2014 U.?S. Spa Industry Study conducted by Pricewat­erhouseCoopers, the industry generated a revenue of 14.7 Billion dollars in 2013, a five percent increase compared to 2012. This reflects growing demand for this business.

Like all other businesses, spas too, have their set of challenges which they try to overcome constantly. In a market where spa services are such a widely available luxury, it is essential to provide exemplary service which makes your business stand out.


Hospitality Goes a Long Way

The first step in the customer journey which works towards making the experience worthwhile is proper greeting. Make sure that you warmly welcome your client and offer them a drink if they have to wait for a few minutes. Offer them a variety of magazines and maybe a neck massage while they wait. If they have not made an appointment and are there only for consultation, make sure that you listen to them attentively and guide them to select the treatment best suited to their needs.

It often happens that the client cannot make up his/her mind while deciding between treatments. Never push them, allow them to make their choice and be patient. Even during the treatment, make sure that you are not rushing through the process and are giving importance to the details. Make sure to never overbook and inform the clients in advance of any changes in the schedule. Remember to call the customers a day before the appointment to remind them. In case of delays at your end, always apologize and make it up to the customers by offering an incentive.

Show Your Gratitude

Your customers are the most important part of your business and it is essential to make them feel valued. Offer incentives to your regular customers to show them that they are appreciated. Similarly, for the new customers create an experience worth remembering. Offer them guidance on treatments and encourage them to ask questions. Give them your undivided attention. Giving them a 10% discount being their first visit or throwing in a free service for the next time they visit would create a memorable impression.


Environment Should Mirror the Aim

Spas are meant to be relaxing so it is crucial that the environment has a very calming effect on the client. It is best to put on soothing music and the spa to be filled with therapeutic scents so that as soon as the person walks in, he/she is at ease. Most of the people who invest in spa services are trying to get away from their busy and hectic schedules and therefore they deserve all the quiet they can get, advise the employees to not make noise and not to engage the client in idle conversation. Proper training of the staff in not only the procedures but etiquettes and mannerism are vital for a better customer experience. Cleanliness is also crucial, you do not want the client to walk into a cluttered environment. Add fresh flowers, artwork and candles to the spa for creating a pleasing ambiance.

Steer Clear of Common Mistakes

An indifferent attitude or rude behavior towards a client who is demanding or late for an appointment for instance is damaging for the business. Try to accommodate the clients and cater to their needs. Be courteous and listen to what they want. Ask them if they are comfortable and want anything changed. Assure your customers that they are indispensable for you and give them the care they are paying for, anything extra you do will go a long way.