Communication is of vital importance in customer service. The way you say things to your clients greatly impacts the service experience and your brand’s image. Many businesses use scripted and standard responses for client communication, however, customers these days prefer personalized and empathetic messages from businesses they interact with. So in order to make your clients happy and turn them into brand advocates, train your staff to be enthusiastic, always willing to help and go the extra mile; conveying this verbally is also important. Your customer service staff is the face of your company, they should use words and phrases that make clients feel welcomed, heard and being taken care of. In order to deal with queries, complaints and concerns your support staff should focus on how they are communicating; words that have positive connotation should be chosen, no confusing phrase should be used and responses should always have a personal touch to them. Here are a few phrases that every customer wants to hear!

“It will be just what you want”

When clients order something they want it according to their needs and expectations. So the phrase “It will be just what you want” reassures them that you have completely understood what their preferences are. Every customer wants a CSR to acknowledge what he/she has explained in terms of product/service requirements. This phrase not only expresses a gesture of understanding but also conveys that the order placed or the product chosen would be according to the inclinations of clients and that you will put in every effort to cater to their needs.

“You will get it delivered on time”

Customers like businesses who keep their promises and are quick and efficient with service. The phrase “you will get it delivered on time” expresses the fulfillment of your promise to clients that they would get their product delivered without any delay, you are not putting them on hold or giving them a tentative delivery time. This phrase would satisfy your clients and make them trust your brand more since they would know that you value their time and money. Another phrase that you can use to convey the same meaning is “I will make sure that you receive your order on time”.

“I will find that out for you”

The best customer service practice is to always show clients willingness to help and go the extra mile. Many clients are looking for product/service information that is not available or they want something that your staff is not sure about. Sometimes there is a situation where you need to bend a rule or a policy, instead of refusing them or saying “you are not sure if its available or you can’t say if you can do that”, give assurance that you will find that out for them. This phrase gives them a feeling that they are valuable to your business and you want to serve them in the best possible manner.

“I can solve this issue”

Clients always want quick resolution to their issues. They don’t like CSRs to tell them that the issue would be resolved by another department or if a support agent is not sure if he/she can help solve the problem. When it comes to customer complaints and issues, you always need to use positive language and phrases that express your concern for frustrated clients and show your dedication to solve the issue at hand. The phrase “I can solve this issue” gives a gesture that your staff has understood the gravity of the situation and will fix things.

“I truly appreciate your business”

Expressing gratitude to customers through words makes them happy and gives them the impression of being a valuable asset to your company. It also helps you earn loyalty since clients feel you are appreciating them. The phrase “I truly appreciate your business” should be used at the end of every client conversation whether it’s through email, phone or in-person. These words create an impact that you are a client-centric brand, every client is important to your business and you want to build lasting and strong relationships with each one of them.