Communication channels have evolved over the years and customers these days have a number of options to reach out to businesses. In order to manage the service experience for your clients and make it delightful and consistent for them, you need to make use of new communication tools that your clients prefer. While some clients still like conventional media for service and support, many are turning towards new age communication channels. Therefore, in order to deliver quick and efficient service to all clients and to manage their experience, you need to utilize social media and other platforms where you can interact with them and resolve their issues. Using these channels would also help you get quick and honest feedback. Since customers these days prefer browsing and shopping through their smartphones, you can offer them a customer service app through which they can connect with you anytime. They are likely to communicate more through mobile apps. Have a look at some more communication channels that can help you improve customer support!

Social Media can be utilized to Deliver Satisfying Service

While social media is being actively used to market products and engage customers, it can be effectively utilized to deliver gratifying service to clients. You can use it as a channel to bond with your clients, build trust with them and resolve their complaints instantly. Use social media to get suggestions about your product/service, this way you can improve clients’ experience. However, make sure you manage all your social media accounts efficiently, being active on one account and not responding to clients over another is likely to create a negative image about your brand.

Online Discussion Forums will get you Valuable Feedback

Businesses should not undermine the importance of feedback shared within discussion forums, not acting on the reviews shared by clients can result in damaging the repute of a business. While discussion forums are a great way for a community of customers to share their reviews about a product/service, it can be utilized by businesses to get valuable feedback from clients to improve customer service skills, offerings and managing customer experience. You can use a moderator to communicate with clients on these discussion forums, offer them assistance to resolve their issues and follow up with them in order to check if they are happy with the solutions offered.

Offer Customers Text Messaging Support

Using text messaging customer support to address issues and concerns would make it easier for your clients to reach out to you. This channel can help you manage and enhance service experience. Whether a client wants to take information about a new product or wants to report an issue, sending a text is convenient. However, make sure you manage your text messaging support efficiently, reply to every text in minimal time and extend your support even after information or solution has been offered to a customer.

Online Customer Portals Reduce Wait Time

Creating an online customer portal within your website would help your clients view their data and transactions with you. Hence, they don’t have to wait to get access to their required information. You can use personalized messages via live chat on the portal to make it more interactive for them. Customer portals help clients view their wish list, previous order history and other information that they might have browsed on your website, hence they don’t have to ask questions about a product they are searching for.

In-App Feedback Surveys help improve Customer Experience

Feedback surveys have always been a credible way to know what your clients think about your product/service. You can use interactive online feedback surveys to enhance support and customer experience. Using in-app surveys would get you faster and better responses, you can make the feedback more interactive by sending personalized thank you messages to clients after they fill out the survey, share with them the action plan on how you would use their suggestions and follow up later to tell them that their feedback has been implemented to improve the product/service for them.