Focusing on customer-centricity is essential for businesses, however just getting the processes right is not enough to deliver exceptional service experience. It involves instilling customer-centric vision and best practices within your organization to achieve your goals. In order to create a client focused culture, you need to have a team of dedicated individuals who believe in going the extra mile. Your staff should learn customer service values in order to cater to client needs in the best possible manner at every touch point. Understanding their perspective and relating to their emotions is vital for building strong relationships, so make sure employees know how to empathize in different situations. Being able to resolve issues independently is another basic you need to teach your staff. Here’s a look at some essentials every business should focus on.

Teach them to Understand Customers’ Needs and Emotions

The first thing you should teach your employees is to understand clients’ needs and emotions. You can conduct training sessions where role playing exercises can be used to teach employees to understand the customer’s perspective. For instance, you can conduct an activity with CSRs on how to interact with a complaining customer, this would help them develop empathy and emotional intelligence. Talking to clients and observing their behavior should be included in the initial training of your staff so they get well-acquainted with different customer personas and know how to better serve their needs.

Teach Your Employees Essential Customer Service Values

Your staff should know the essential service values in order to create a memorable experience. Teach your employees the basics, how to greet clients with a smile and friendly gesture, initiating a conversation proving yourself helpful, not make them wait too long for service, billing or anything else, helping them in the best possible manner and asking for their feedback and suggestions. Once your employees know the essentials of customer service they would understand the importance of delivering quality and consistent service every time.

Train Staff to Resolve Issues Independently

Your representatives are likely to give their best if you empower and encourage them to resolve issues independently. Conducting training sessions on solving problems in a creative way will help your staff come up with solutions to recurrent issues on their own. This way representatives won’t have to constantly run to managers and supervisors every time a problem occurs. This practice is likely to reduce the number of unhappy clients and would make your team more motivated and productive as well.

They Should Know How to Manage Client Expectations

Managing the expectations of clients often turns out to be a challenging task, therefore you need to teach your representatives on how to keep them happy and contented. Your staff should know that every customer is important to the company and therefore deserves individual attention. Different clients have different expectations so train your staff on how to handle and manage them. If a new customer comes to a CSR and inquires about a particular product he/she should know what the customer is expecting.

Inculcate a Strong Sense of Self-Accountability

If you want your staff to perform well, ask them to track their performance to see if they are delivering enough. Self-assessment is a great way to improve productivity, learning, motivation and helps develop skills to meet future expectations. Once your customer service staff has weekly or monthly goals they would try to do better and in turn would put in their best to deliver better service experience.