For toy stores to attract and retain customers it is ncessary to focus on all the essential details that count for a delightful customer experience. From display to friendly staff and customer convenience, these stores need to offer everything that is important for creating a strong customer base. Here are some ways for toy stores to increase their customer base in a similar manner:

An Attractive Display Counts

The entrance of the store is the first aspect which attracts customers. If you want to keep them coming back, it is important that the entrance should be colourful, attractive and styled with attractive décor. This would create an exciting and welcoming feeling. In addition to that, displaying the most trending toys, games, cartoon characters or action figures in life size or large scale proportions at the entrance would definitely spark the excitement levels of kids, making them want to stay in the store forever. Providing a map of the store with information about the aisles, helpdesks, foodcourts, check-out counters etc would also be a good idea. Having staff dressed up in costumes as kids’ favourite superheroes and interacting with them or taking pictures with them and signing autographs are also unique ideas that would set your store apart from the rest!

Have Something for Everyone

Businesses selling toys and games simply cannot expect every customer to be a child under ten years of age accompanied by their parents willing to buy them what they want. There has to be diversity among the product range. Offer something interesting for people of all ages, so no child goes home empty handed. While diversifying product range is important, it would also be a great option to make the toy store an entertainment hub. Businesses could achieve this by having a comfortable seating area where drinks and coffee could be offered, a small compact movie theatre, interactive games and activities that the whole family could be a part of, photobooths and jumping castles. Moreover, free gifts and giveaways from winning or participating in exciting competitions could be added. Similarly, souvenirs with the childrens pictures on mugs and t-shirts would surely make the shopping experience memorable and would significantly help increase customer base.

Staff that Cares and Responds Appropriately

While some shoppers don’t require any assistance, there are those who prefer being guided and assissted with the choices that would most suit their needs. Staff could be trained in a way to be close enough to see and reach out to customers if they seem confused or in need of assisstance. Moreover, having a warm, friendly, proactive and positive approach is a must. Signs and directions to guide and assisst customers around the store is also of vital importance. On another level, employing interactive toy finding strategies is also a great idea. For example, Toys ‘R’ Us did this last holiday season when they used ‘kiosks’(an interactive gift-finder) and this resulted in a 95% success rate by the parents who used it.

Capitalize on your Target Market and Add Attractive Promotions

Identifying places or settings where the target audience spends time and money and advertising there will surely benefit the business selling toys. Advertising on kids’ television shows, magazines and comics that they read, places where they buy their stationery and favourite candy/desserts, close to playgrounds and in amusement parks and other family entertainment places.

Toy stores could have similar products in the same rack or aisle that customers could try out before purchasing so they are satisfied with their purchase. This would also lead to less hassle with returning, exchanging and after sales services. On the other hand, toy stores could have flexible exchange and return policies that could be valid for a fortnight after purchase. Offering such lucrative schemes and promotions would not only increase the revenue of the business selling toys but would also help satisfy customers. Online purchases and free delivery in addition to gift vouchers and discount cards would also be a good option and would influence them to spread the word thereby increasing customer base. For instance, Toys ‘R’ Us shoppers who are members earn two points for every dollar spent and get $10 back for every $125 purchase.