For those in the Telecom business, customer service is a necessity. With the passage of time customers have become more demanding and technological advancements have raised their expectations. Customers today have a number of options and they don’t hesitate in switching services if a company is unable to live up to their expectations or is not offering competitive rates and services as compared to the market. To ensure customer loyalty, Telecom companies should pay attention to the needs of their customers and strive to fulfill them. Here are some tips which will improve service experience for customers.


Tip 1: Lose the Script

Pleasing customers can be hard, especially if you have not trained your representatives accordingly. While following a script might appear like a good idea, those in the telecom industry need to understand that scripts remove emotion from a situation and when customers call to complain, representatives fail to relate to them. Following a script in a robotic manner causes representatives to be mechanical and blocks their thought process. A script should only be used as a guideline and representatives should be trained to listen to the customer in order to better understand their needs and provide solutions accordingly. Customer service representatives should be taught to improvise when and where required.

Empowering employees to make decisions allows them to take control of a situation and helps them deal with the customer better. This also improves the communication and enhances customer satisfaction levels.

Tip 2: Reach out to Disgruntled Customers

Verint, an analytics software company, conducted a study which revealed that 64% of telecom customers experience bad customer service. The study showed that telecom industry tops the list of bad customer experience. This is why it is always wise for companies to reach out to disgruntled customers. Most disappointed customers just want to be heard and chances are that you would be able to win them over easily by showing concern and to please them; adding incentives and rewards to the equation would not hurt.

Detailed information as to why a problem occurred and how your company solved it in the best possible manner should be shared with the customer. This would allow them to see the company operations through a more humane perspective. Ignoring customers and pending complaints would only result in more misunderstandings and more lost customers.

Customer Service Representative

Tip 3: Review and Analyze Customer Interactions

In order to improve customer experience it is always a good idea to save customer/representative conversation for later review so that companies can find out how a dialogue could have been improved.

Customers like to be remembered and to make them feel special, companies can create customer histories so that when a representative is dealing with the customer, he/she is fully aware of their preferences and buying behavior.

Analyze customer interactions at various touch points and try to improve the experience with personalized service. Always ask customers for feedback and review this data. Based on this analysis, strategies should be devised to enhance quality of service provided at each touch point.

Tip 4: Offer Multichannel Support

Having a strong online presence is essential, customers today feel that they should be able to reach companies easily and their problems should be resolved no matter which medium they chose to contact the company from. Customers might contact you through the support option on your website, via phone or social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook depending on their preference. Most customers want that they should be provided with round the clock support. Analyze your customer base in order to understand their preferences and devise a plan in accordance.

Customers also expect consistency in service across all channels of communication so make sure that all customer data is synchronized for better customer support.