Remember the last time a loved one surprised you with a gift and you were completely overwhelmed by the thought. Everybody loves surprises so why wouldn’t your customers? For building brand loyalty, surprise your way to the customers’ heart, ensuring a customer experience worth remembering. Here are some ideas that will surely delight your customers:

Make A Wish Come True

We all sleep at night with a hope of waking up to see our wish list having been fulfilled overnight. What can be better than having a 24/7 Santa Claus looking over your wish list. Get ready! It is time to become the ever present Santa. Observe your customer on social media, and look for out for a product that your customer wished for. You can surprise the customer by sending the product for free, with a note telling him how much the company values him and his wishes. You know how a customer would feel when he opens his mail and finds a package with his favorite DVDs in it? This is a sure way to win you customer loyalty and some great reviews on how your company values the customer.

The Thank You Note

With the evolution of technology, hand written letters have become a thing of the past. Although sending an email is more convenient, in my opinion, hand written letters hold much more sentimental value. It has become an everyday business practice to send thank you notes to customers. Just when your customer is expecting you to send him a thank you note through email after he has made a purchase, surprise him by sending in a hand written note signed by the head of the department himself. This personalized touch is sure to melt away your dear customers’ heart.

Throw In Something A Little Extra

The next time a customer does business with you, say goodbye by presenting him with something extra; a discount coupon or souvenirs like key chains, a t-shirt or a mug. Free giveaways and souvenirs are always a great way to surprise a customer and keep them thinking about you.

Now that we have discussed three simple ideas on how to surprise your customers and instill the ‘WOW’ effect, it is time to implement them in your everyday business. Get started.