Getting through to the customer service representative at a helpline is surely an achievement for customers, but being able to satisfy the customers and meeting their needs is a huge challenge for the representative. Companies need to train their employees in a way that they are motivated as well as skilled enough to deliver customer satisfaction and win the heart of the customer.

Quality of Conversation

The quality of contact the customer has with the call center is directly related to the level of satisfaction attained. The representative must ensure that he or she has all the required qualities that deliver a smooth customer experience. The qualities include being a good listener, a solution provider, having an analytical sense and most importantly being an efficient worker.

The quality of the call must be clear, without any distortion or long unnecessary holds. The customer must never need to explain his or her case repetitively and all information should be linked through channel integration.

Be a Solution Provider

A lot of times customers don’t bother calling the customer care center because they feel their problems won’t be solved and they will only end up waiting on the line for hours, with unanswered questions. Don’t be that company. Don’t let your customers lose faith in you or treat you as an unreliable business because that would make them switch to your competitors.

Make it a policy to never put the phone down until a solution is given to the customer. That solution can be temporary, till the main problem is dealt with, but there must always be a solution. The customer should consider your call center’s customer service as reliable and always ready to fix their problems; whether it is getting a number blocked or reactivated, a problem with the functionality of their bank card or a billing issue. Put your customer at ease, build the trust and let them know you will not be unfair in any way and will always be there to help.

There should be eagerness in the attitude and tone of the customer service representative to please the customer and resolve all their problems. This will not only result in customer satisfaction but also satisfaction for the representative knowing he or she has been able to deliver to the needs of the customer and done the job well.

Take Surveys

Interview your customers from time to time to find out whether they are happy or dissatisfied with your service. Don’t be worried about negative comments, it is better to know than to be ignorant and not have the opportunity to improve. Ask your customers if they were satisfied with the service or not? Were all their questions answered? This can also be used as an opportunity to find out if they would like to further purchase from the company or recommend it to a friend. By gauging on such peripherals the company can collect enough data on the customer and analyze what further strategies must be built for customer retention and loyalty.

Design your surveys to ask specific as well as open ended questions and ensure the interview or survey is no longer than 2-3 minutes, otherwise the customer will lose interest.

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