No matter what the industry, it is safe to assume that customer service is the key to success. With constant innovation in the rapidly changing technology industry, customers require more help and support. Providing customer service in the gaming industry can be a challenging job and requires thorough product knowledge. The ideal representative must have an interest in the gaming world and constantly keep himself up to date with the development trends in technology.

Since the target market for gaming consoles usually consists of people in their teens and early adulthood, providing good customer service can be tricky as well as a little grating on the nerves. For customer support representatives, here are three tips as to how to go about holding your own in the gaming arena.

Tip #1: Know Your Jargon

It is important to know enough “tech-speak” to work your way around the gaming zone. Most of your customers are well adept in technical terms and it is essential to know it well enough to tackle their questions head on. For example, if a customer calls and complains about the first magic-gate slot not working correctly, you can’t really risk losing company face by asking what that is, the customer expects you to know that stuff.

Furthermore in retrospect, you will have to face some customers who are new with regards to all things tech – they won’t know much tech-speak and might even confuse the parts of the console altogether, it’s important that you give them a clear idea of what’s called what and how to go about fixing it.

Tip #2: Know Your Tech Even If your Customer Doesn’t

Nowadays the gaming realm is far more advanced than it was a few years ago – with the latest PlayStations and Xboxes that not only enhance gaming experience with better visuals, but also with a wider array of games that are released on the internet for easy access. Most customers who are used to a CD-fed PlayStation 2 or Nintendo won’t have a clue about how to download games, where to download them from and how to convert them to play it on their PlayStation 4 or PlayStation Portable device.

As a customer service representative, it is your job to know your way around the virtual tiers well enough to be able to provide apt instructions. Game consoles usually come with thick instruction volumes for that purpose, though not many take the time to actually read through all of that; it’s like having too many wires but not enough time to understand where they actually go and simply plugging them in the slot that matches the pattern!

Customer Service Success in the Gaming Arena

Not every customer has the time to go through complicated forums and websites to find answers; it is your duty as a representative to provide them with all necessary information no matter how basic. Be thorough in your instructions, not only will it enhance customer satisfaction but build the brand image.

Tip #3: Be Patient and Polite

As mentioned earlier, a majority of the customers will comprise of teenagers and young adults, who might not be polite in turn most of the time. It is essential to be able to keep your temper under control at all times and deal with their enquiries – especially with regards to young teenagers. Questions regarding technology are usually tiring ones and require a lot of patience and often, a lot of explanation but this is a fundamental requirement of the job.

So get yourself in the game of customer service before it is game over for you.