When telephone is the medium of communication between a representative and a customer, it is essential to be aware of phone etiquettes.  Similarly, effective communication skills via phone are the life line of a CSR. Polish your phone skills with these tips to ensure that you provide outstanding customer service:

  1. Before you answer a call, clear your mind of all thoughts. Relax your mind and leave your worries at home because an agitated mood will affect your tone and voice.
  2. First impression is the last impression so make sure you greet the customer properly with the right words before moving on to resolving the problem or providing them with the required information.
  3. Never, I repeat, never answer a call while eating food or chewing gum.
  4. Speak clearly. Your tone and voice must be vibrant as you deliver your words. Practice your speaking skills at home, with friends or colleagues.
  5. Do not interrupt the customer while he is speaking, there is no hurry. A good CSR is a patient listener, is always polite and attentive.
  6. Never indulge in chitchat with the customer, the conversation should always be formal and professional.
  7. Do not yawn on the phone or sound lazy. A customer service representative must sound alert and eager while talking to a customer.
  8. Always take the customer’s permission before putting him on hold. Customers hate being put on hold just as much as you do. Inform the customer how long they will have to be on hold for.
  9. Avoid transferring calls unless absolutely necessary. Before call transfer explain to the customer why the call is being transferred to another department or a supervisor.
  10. Never hang up the phone before the customer does. Slamming the phone is rude. You must always thank the customer for calling and properly say good bye. Mind your manners!
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