RTA Has Decided To Position Self-Service Machines in Dubai Shopping Malls

Customers in the Dubai shopping malls can now use self-service kiosks to access and process vehicle and transport transactions.

This will be a quick service for the customers who, while browsing through the malls or waiting for someone, can quickly use the kiosk and sort out vehicle and transport related issues such as inquiring about their licenses, renewing it or even replacing a lost or damaged license or registration card. The machines will be able to process all the above for the customer, giving him or her the convenience of an effortless and quick service experience at the spot.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has introduced the concept of providing self-service for customers at their own centers prior to launching them at shopping malls. They plan to install them at customer service centers at Deira, Umm Al Ramool and Al Barsha, as well as Al Tawar Registration Centre, Union Station and the Dubai Airport.

Commuters to Enjoy Unlimited Wi-Fi Data Roaming Facility by Etisalat

The advanced service of eWi-Fi has been introduced in a recent partnership between Etisalat and iPass. The service enables prepaid and postpaid mobile subscribers and the roaming packages can be opted on daily, weekly or monthly basis at very reasonable charges.

The leading telecom operator, Etisalat, in partnership with iPass (the world’s biggest Wi-Fi hotspot aggregator company), has recently launched UAE’s first eWi-Fi facility for prepaid and postpaid mobile subscribers. This facility enables customers to enjoy unlimited internet access with ease while traveling at different places including hotels, conference venues and global airports.

Subscribers can avail the new data roaming packages on daily, weekly or monthly basis by paying services charges of Dh60 for daily usage, Dh200 for weekly usage, or Dh500 for monthly usage respectively. In addition, they can avail the speed boost facility at an extra charge of Dh100 per month.

As per Khaled El Khouly, the Chief Marketing Officer, Etisalat:

“This offer is another example of our constant innovation. The ‘Traveller Combo’ of weekly and monthly access passes enables subscribers to choose the mobile data roaming package that is most suitable for them.”

Etisalat Apologizes to its Customers for Disturbance of Online Services

Customers used social media websites to show displeasure and frustration towards the poor customer experience provided by Etisalat

Customers of Etisalat started facing disturbance and lack of connectivity on their landline, Wi-Fi or 4G connections and were, therefore, not able to open websites on either their computers or phones.  A few websites were accessible, such as the social media, and this led to furious customers posting about their inconvenience there.

ProWebDevco tweeted: “Hey Etisalat, from nearly 20 minutes ago I can only access Facebook, Gmail and Twitter, no other webpage, what’s going on?

Etisalat responded, tweeting: “We apologise for the inconvenience caused.”

Another displeased customer posted his frustration on Twitter

@ARahmanMahgoub tweeted: “Can you read me? Internet is down, and your 101 line is down as well? Shouldn’t we get an update on this?”

This was echoed by @omkarudas who said: “Want to tell us what the internet issue is and how long will it take to fix.”

Customers like to be made aware of any inconvenience that is coming their way so they can plan accordingly or be prepared. It is evident that Etisalat customers have become  so dependent on internet connectivity and their lives now revolve around it to such an extent that they ended up becoming frustrated within 20 minutes of disruption of service.

Etisalat finally responded saying, “Our customers faced some difficulty in the use of Internet in some areas for a period of approximately 20 minutes as a result of a technical problem that has been solved and services have been resumed since. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.”

100 RTA Buses, The Metro Train, and 8,500 Taxis Engaged to Avoid Traffic Congestion on New Year’s Eve

As the New Year approaches, the excitement among UAE residents are at its peak as thousands of travelers are planning to rush towards Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah to take part in the New Year’s Eve celebrations and enjoy the vista of the splendid fireworks. To accommodate this surge of activity, the Dubai Road Transport Authority is gearing up to facilitate citizens and avoid traffic congestion on the roads during the peak hours right before the New Year sets in.

According to Adel Shakeri, the Director of the RTA:

“Ninety five per cent of the RTA’s fleet, including 8,500 taxis, will be operating on New Year’s Eve. We will be operating 60 buses in the Downtown area and 40 buses at the Palm.”

In addition, citizens have been advised to leave their cars at home and use buses and trains to avoid traffic jams. As per RTA Dubai Metro Train schedule, the Red Line will run from 05:30am to midnight, and the Green Line will run from 05:50am to midnight, on 31 December 2013. Both lines will continue to run for the next 24 hours on 1 January 2014.

Besides the buses and the Metro trains, private taxis and concierge services would also operate towards event locations, charging premium rates of Dh220 for a one-way trip. The first-rate customer service arrangements of RTA Dubai would definitely go a long way to facilitate travelers in advance and assist them in avoiding the chaotic New Year’s Eve traffic jams.

Eida Will Now Be Offering Customer Service on Skype

Customers can now make Skype calls to get their questions answered by Eida.

UAE residents will now have the option to contact the Emirates Identity Authority (Eida) face-to-face in a Skype conversation. Customers can simply log into Skype and ask any question or get queries answered related to their Emirates ID by simply adding the Skype user name EmiratesID_skype and starting an audio conversation with a customer service representative.

This is a great initiative by the customer service team at Eida. It will help customers resolve their issues by reducing the time it takes to get in touch with representatives and switch between channels. Customers can now simply log into their Skype accounts on their desktops, tablets or phones, no matter where they are, and get in touch with the Eida team.

This service is available in audio, in both Arabic and English (video service is not currently available), eliminating any doubt in the customers’ minds of whether their Skype text message has gotten through or not.

Amer al Mehri, Director of Government Communication at Eida, highlighted that the authority has launched this new service via Skype so that their Skype trained team could communicate with customers and respond to their queries, complaints and problems.

Diyaa Abdulal, Head of Government Communications, announced that Emirates Identity Authority (Eida) now has 14 channels of communication with Skype’s introduction and will soon have 15, with the chat optioncoming in as soon as next week.

“Our social media channels are very attractive to people, as well as the section on our website where customers can contact the General Director, to discuss their complaints or comments with the ‘big boss’,” said Diyaa. He also added, “Customers can contact us through any channel and expect a reply within 24 hours – or a maximum 48 hours.”