State of the art customer service center launched by Zain Bahrain looks to enhance service experience and increase customer satisfaction.

Zain Bahrain has established itself as one of the most innovative telecommunication company in the region. The launch of new cutting edge experience center located in the heart of Bahrain City Centre, reaffirms its position as the industry leader in innovation.

Zain Bahrain’s General Manager, Mohammed Zainalabedin commenting on the launch of the new experience center said that the latest initiative reflects the company’s overall growth strategy. He also said that the new experience center is in line with the company’s vision for delivering excellent customer service experience through innovative services. Zainalabedin highlighted the company’s recent network expansion, which has enabled reliable services over a large area.

The new experience center will primarily handle sales and customer services. The user-friendly environment will allow customers to fix appointments with customer service representatives, which is likely to enhance customer service experience. Additionally, customers can also browse through interactive screens for various products and services and also enjoy demonstrations of all the services on latest devices. They will also be able to schedule appointments according to their convenience with the introduction of Visit Management system. ‘Live Chat Service” too has been made available for customers, which will allow customers to interact with customer service agents in real time.

Ammar Al-Ketbi, Retail Sales Manager from Zain Bahrain expressed delight in the launch of experience center. He said that the latest initiative will enable the company to introduce more innovative features and services. He said that the new retail strategy will enable the company to deliver premium customer service. Zain’s new flagship experience center will also have a dedicated team for Signature customers in addition to Smart Desk, which will handle all technical service requirements.

The Zain Bahrain City Centre will be operational 7 days a week. On the weekdays the shop will be open from 10am to 10pm, while on weekends until midnight.