VIVA Bahrain in a statement announced the development of VIVA’s offerings to enterprise customers and streamlining customer experience management systems.

The company will be partnering with Huawei for enhancing the customer experience. The two companies signed a memorandum at the Mobile World Congress recently held in Barcelona, Spain.

VIVA Bahrain has been expanding its mobile network coverage in Bahrain and advanced high-speed LTE services for the public. The latest partnership will enable the company to meet the rising demand for various services in the region. VIVA Bahrain plans to capitalize on Huawei’s innovations in enterprise LTE services, mobile device management solutions, enterprise connectivity solutions, and unified communication devices.

Eng. Ulaiyan Al Wetaid, CEO of VIVA Bahrain said that the carrier was recently recognized by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) in Bahrain as having the country’s widest 4G network coverage and ranked top on Quality of Service. He further added that Huawei’s expertise in the industry will help the company immensely to provide high quality customer service and solutions.

Feng Nan, CEO of Huawei Bahrain expressed delight in the partnership with VIVA Bahrain. He said that ICT industry is witnessing rapid growth and innovation. In order to meet the changing lifestyle needs of the customers, new tools need to be deployed, which will help the company enhance its informational capabilities. He stressed that the partnership will help both companies deliver new services to the customers.

Moreover, the cooperation will enable both companies to review their service quality-management metrics and re-design their services to be more customer centric. The company also plans to offer proactive VIP care models efficiently in order to manage tailored tariff plans and services.