Travelers can now fill up an electronic visa waiver application 2 days in advance to their travel.

Emirati businessmen and tourists will be permitted to visit the UK and be able to spend up to six month there without a pre entry visa, as per Prime Minister David Cameron.

The Electronic Visa Waiver (EVW) application will be needed to be filled up by Visitors and that too free of charge. Travelers can simply visit the Border Agency website and fill in the form 48 hours prior to their need of travel.

This will save customers of the visa centers from going through the trouble of waiting for appointments, providing bio metric information, standing in line and providing passports beforehand. This will completely change the face of customer service the Emiratis will be getting, as it will save them time and energy to go through the stress of the visa process, and can conveniently sit home, fill in their form and get their process rolling.

Dominic Jermey, British ambassador in the UAE, said: “I am very pleased that the British Government is enabling easier access to the UK for Emiratis. As you know, the UK is sometimes known as the “eighth emirate”. The UK and UAE share many close ties and our nationals are frequent visitors to each others’ shores. I look forward to welcoming many more Emiratis to the UK.”

This fabulous option is however only pertained to visitors and business men, people travelling to the UK for study or work will however have to go through the proper and common procedure of applying for visa to the UK.

Emiratis are exactly the type to be given the visa waiver: their purposes in travel are to education, medical treatment, tourism, and investment, and in every case their travel to European countries is not without mutual benefit,” said Mohammad Faleh Al Nuaimi, a government employee.