An estimated 110 new schools are expected to enter the market in the next seven years to accommodate 130,000 students.

Cost of education is becoming a growing concern for expatriates due to the high tuition fee charges being offered by private schools. In line with this trend, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has taken up the initiative for the growth and development of 110 new schools, accommodating 130,000 expat students in the next seven years.

The improvement of customer services in the education sector and the entry of new schools in the market is definitely a prospective step towards the growth, learning direction, and provision of better quality education for citizens. Furthermore, the entry of new schools is expected to slow down the growth of tuition fees in Dubai, as well as, bringing up more options for expat citizens to choose from.

According to Mr. Kalthoom Al Beloushi, the Director of Institutional Development at KHDA:

‘There is a rising investor interest to tap Dubai’s fast-growing market for education. Based on the education sector’s historical growth over the last 10 years, the entry of new schools will support the improvement of schools, universities, training institutes and other human resource sectors.’