The licensing service app by the Roads and Transport Authority, has been downloaded more than 26 thousand times across all smartphones since its launch in September. This is a significantly large number which indicates the popularity of the app.

Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO of RTA’s Licensing Agency said that, although vehicle license renewal has been done through conventional methods such as smart kiosk, RTA website and the Call Center, but the launch of RTA’s Drivers and Vehicles app offers a convenient and revolutionary solution to customers, which is available across all smartphone platforms. He further added that UAE has the honor of being the first country in the world to adopt vehicle registration and driver licenses through a smartphone app, which has been also certified by The International Commission for Driver Testing; a global community which has more than 35 members.

Bahrozyan explained the various benefits of using the app, which includes the ability to generate notices about licensing renewal and expiry date, cutting down the renewal stages to about six steps and an overall streamlined process. Customers can also pinpoint the location of service delivery in case the customer wishes to complete renewal through the nearest center. Alternately, customers can avail the ePay service for assistance.

He also explained how the licensing app can be used to make inquiries, issuance or replacement of a lost or damaged vehicle registration card, payment of fines via credit card etc. Customers have the option to receive their document once the transaction is complete via e-mail, through courier or smart kiosk.

CEO of RTA’s Licensing Agency promised that RTA will not compromise on quality and continue to enhance customer experience through innovative technological initiatives.