The Roads and Transport Authority has announced the setup of a smart control scheme, which comprises of an online smart control center that will be set up at RTA’s headquarters. The aim is to track various business processes at vehicles technical testing centers, driving institutes and tourist transport.

Jamal Assada, Acting Director of Monitoring and Enforcement at RTA’s Licensing Agency said that 30 qualified members of the staff have been hired to carry out the inspection visits to vehicle testing centers and driving institutes. He said that, although, RTA was met with many challenges in developing an electronic control center, but the control center with screens linked via sophisticated systems to these centers & institutes is likely to help improve customer service as the monitoring will directly impact safety of roads and the users.

He also explained how the control center will perform several important functions including dealing with visitors, managing support center traffic and helping customers save time and effort. Vehicles of mobile testing service will be equipped with cameras that will be linked with control center to make sure it’s in compliance with the testing regime. Addionlly, Smart surveillance cameras will record vehicle testing entry time. The new process will help minimize errors when entering vehicle’s details besides saving time and effort. Vehicle drivers will be using electronic fingerprints to verify their attendance and commitment. Moreover, GPS will assist all Learn-to-Drive vehicles, which is linked with the Control Center to monitor so that their route can be monitored.

RTA has also installed smart tablets for field inspection, which enables the use of e-mail instead of paper for the purpose of sending the offence to the concerned body, hence streamlining the process of inquiring about customers’ data or their offences. RTA believes in deploying the best and latest technologies to offer effective solutions to its customers.