Owners can now use their smart gadgets to show their official documents through their Drivers and Vehicles app.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has introduces a recent service called mStore service, which is an electronic purse for customers using its Drivers and Vehicles smart application. This service delivers customers with various features, such as letting them see their driver license, vehicle ownership card and distinctive numbers which are connected to the traffic file.

Customers using the mStore service can simply show their official documents via their smart gadgets whenever needed. RTA is looking to enhance service delivery and especially focus on improving its smart services. The service will enhance customer experience as it will reduce effort from customer’s side since they will only have to register on the RTA portal and will get a username and password from there.

As per Ahmed Hashem Bahrozyan, Head of the Team Overseeing Roadmap for Transition to Smart Government and CEO of RTA’s Licensing Agency, the feature of being able to use mStore as an official document, will advance the government’s goal in making the best smart apps and eventually leading to the transformation of Dubai into the smartest city in the world within three years.

Ahmed Hashem Bahrozyan added that mStore has been added into the new Drivers and Vehicles app, which facilitates customers for different processes related to drivers and vehicles transactions. The new service adds to the experience by being the fastest way of delivering information.