The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has revealed that installation of 3D maps at 16 bus stations in Dubai has been completed. The new installation aims to enhance customer experience as 3D maps of public bus routes will help commuters plan their journey more efficiently.

The Director of Planning & Business Development at RTA’s Public Transport Agency, Adel Mohammed Shakri said on this occasion that the newly designed 3D bus charts meet the needs of customers using mass transit.

Shakri said, the ultra-high accuracy of the 3D maps makes all the details of the terminals visible to the users, while service points are also clearly marked. The Public Transport Agency has also provided a spider map that shows the path of bus routes serving the terminals together with the Offences Code; all this is assimilated in a single chart, which is installed at the entry and exit points of the 16 bus stations.

Revealing the details, Shakri said that they have identified customer needs by closely analysing feedback received by the Customer Service Department last year. He said currently they are working on providing seats and shades to passengers.

He further stated that they are also refining the inquiry service about lost items. Earlier, the lost items and documents were dispatched to the Police Station after every seven days, but now they have improved the plan and such valuable items are posted after every 48 hours because customers need their belongings as quickly as possible.

The Director of Planning & Business Development added that soon they will develop a new plan which will allow them to display transport information at various landmarks and facilities in Dubai as well.