New law in Dubai has declared health insurance coverage as a must for all residents starting next year.

Authorities belonging from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) said that the law will give all residents the right to access this service. They mentioned that still many blue- collar workers don’t have the service of health insurance, but will now, starting next year.

Currently Dubai has about one million residents who are covered with health insurance, leaving out more than two million who are uncovered.

The law is fundamental to ensure smooth delivery of basic health insurance to everyone living in the emirate, which means over three million people, which includes nationals (Emiratis) and residents with Dubai visas,” said Eisa Al Maidoor, director general of the DHA.

Officials also shed light on the insurance policy and said it would begin next year and will be finished by 2016. The new law will enforce that no work or residence visa would be issued or renewed without a proper health insurance.