Etisalat in an announcement revealed the opening of a new smart store in Abu Dhabi’s Yas Mall. The smart store will offer an innovative customer service system and in-store concepts, which are part of Etisalat’s drive to integrate the power technology for customer service enhancements. Etisalat’s smart store concepts have already been introduced in other stores including Al Ain, Al Kifaf, Al Nahda, Al Mankhool and Emirates Airlines Headquarters.

The new store concept is part of Etisalat’s strategy to provide customers an interactive and improved experience as soon as they enter the store till the time they leave. The store features customer interaction screens, which allow customers to navigate through various services and products. Additionally, digital screens have been placed across the store to increase customer engagement and enable effective communication.

Etisalat is working towards a paperless store concept which will help reduce carbon footprint. The new and improved technologies will help the company reduce paper wastage across all stores. The presence of interactive screens will allow all brochures and pamphlets to be displayed digitally, which will eliminate the need for paper.

The store will also offer electronic signature pads which will help capture customer signatures and affix to digital documents, which can be stored electronically.

Suhail Al Awadi who is the Vice President – Retail, at Etisalat said that the new smart stores are in line with Etisalat’s customer service strategy. The company believes in using technology to improve the customer experience. He expressed confidence about the new store at Yas Mall, and said that the central location will attract customers. He further added that Etisalat is also trying to improve customer service through behavioral training of sales staff.

The latest range of tablets and smartphones is on display at the new smart store for a hands-on experience. Customers will also be able to enjoy free Wi-Fi at the store.