Recently in Qatar, the CEO and top staff of Commercial Bank met customers and discussed core issues impacting the customer service experience. In an attempt to get feedback and improve customer satisfaction, the Banks’s top management organized a focus group, which allowed interaction on a personal level. The initiative is part of Commercial Bank’s vision to deliver premium customer service and reaffirm its position as a leader in the banking industry.

This focus group provided an opportunity for the top executives and staff members to directly interact with customers, who provided valuable input and constructive feedback. Customers were also able to express their grievances, needs and wishes from the banking experience. The unconventional approach highlights the importance of customer service as part of the banking experience at Commercial Bank. Focus group will help the bank improve the overall customer experience, since the top management will know exactly what aspects of banking are important for the customers.

Customer service is an integral part of the functionality of the service industry. Banks, being part of service industry, need strategic customer service planning. In order to provide premium service and ensure customer satisfaction, Commercial Bank conducts surveys on a regular basis to understand the needs of the customers and provide better experiences.

Commercial Bank CEO Abdulla Saleh Al Raisi said this innovative approach will help the bank better understand the point of view of the customers. He also said that the bank needs to deliver the kind of experience that not only makes the customer go ‘Wow’ after accessing any communication touch point across the organization but makes the customer think it was a lot more than their expectation.