Emirates ID card has now been integrated with Windows OS which allows convenient and secure access to government services online to customers in UAE. The aim is to offer efficient and better quality customer service to UAE citizens. Hundreds of government services are now accessible within windows operating system to UAE nationals and residents alike. The Emirates ID is supported by various versions of windows software including 7, 8, and 8.1.

The latest development will allow users to generate government-validated digital signatures within Microsoft Office and PDF documents. Customers no longer have to wait in line or physically go to the offices. Windows OS integration streamlines the process, hence users can avoid all the hassle and process their documents from the comfort of their homes.

Ayesha Al Rayesi, Executive Director, Central Operations, Emirates ID explained how this is an excellent opportunity for windows apps developers to use the latest feature for authentication purposes, and phase out the old, unreliable logon system. She stressed the safety and reliability of the UAE ID Card mini driver, as it has been tested and certified by Microsoft, and is part of Windows Update Services. In order to start using the service, users are simply required to insert the ID card in a card reader, which will trigger Windows Operating System to download the requisite Drivers needed to access various government services.

UAE ID Card becomes a plug and play windows device after the integration with the OS. Ayesha Al Rayesi explained how this offers a unique opportunity to generate digital signatures, hence facilitating myriad of services to users in UAE. The in-build security features of the app offer a concrete barrier against intruders.

Cyril Voisin, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Gulf applauded UAE government’s efforts to facilitate its citizens with the help of technology. He said that the new software integration empowers citizens and residents to use their government-verified identity to make other transactions as well. He also reaffirmed Microsoft’s commitment to support innovation and collaborate on people-centric smart government initiatives.