For any business wishing to succeed, identifying and understanding what customers want is essential before initiating a sales and marketing strategy. Most businesses stress upon the existence of a customer-centric approach within their organizations. However, there is a wide range of customer needs that must be addressed in order to ensure complete customer-centricity. Every organization must be able to answer this question: What matters most to customers? Only by gaining complete knowledge of your customers, their demands, needs and wants, can you begin catering to them and achieve customer satisfaction. Here are a few universal needs that every customer has from a business they’re buying from:

Value for Money

Every customer wants to know at all times that they’re getting value in return for the money they are handing over to a business. Many times we confuse “value for money” with the mere cost or price of a certain product. However, customers see it as something more significant, more or less their entire experience with a business. The minute they start to feel that it is not worth the investment, customers start looking for alternatives. In order to avoid high customer turnover, make certain your customers are satisfied with the purchases and the overall experience. The quality of your products and customer service is not to be compromised at any cost.

Personalized Customer Experience

It is important to humanize the experience your customers have with your business. A personal touch has known to increase customer satisfaction levels; according to a study published by the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 81% of companies with strong proficiencies for adding a personal touch in their customer service programs have outperformed their competition. It is widely believed that small gestures make a huge difference to customers, such as sending a ‘thank you’ card, customizing the experience, offering flexibility and added assistance, etc.

Creating Goodwill with Customers

Customers want to know they are valued by your business, and it isn’t always attained with the help of words. Connect with your customers by going out of your way from time to time, to convince them they’re valuable and appreciated. Offering customized gift prizes for your loyal customers, arranging exciting lucky draws, and sharing vouchers, discounts and loyalty cards with customers are acts of goodwill and extensively cherished by customers. These gestures will have low costs and a high impact on your relationship with customers.

Being Heard

Customers want to be heard, and their feedback to be appreciated. Very often, companies encourage customers to provide feedback but fail to implement it and make improvements according to it. When customers take time out to rate your business and offer their input, they start expecting you to take it in consideration when making updates and enhancements. Customers will not be retained by a business if they feel as if they’re not being heard. Making sure you’re implementing the changes suggested by your loyal customers will not only help your business grow, but customers will start feeling appreciated and important to your business, which is one of the essential needs that every customer has.