Being a wedding planner is not an easy job, it entails within it thousands of sentiments of sensitive customers who have awaited this day for so long and have high expectations of it being perfect. People often use the idea of having a wedding planner to organize and plan their big day. In order to offer exceptional customer service and satisfied experiences, it is a must to master the following points, to create a memorable wedding!

Understand Customer Requirements

The first and foremost step is to spend time with your customer so that you can better understand what the couple is looking for. Having enough input from the customer is critical to meeting their demands and creating a dream wedding for them. Know their interests and the themes they would like to have at the wedding. Lookout for any ideas or pictures that they may be able to provide you for a better insight into what they want.

Be clear about your customer’s budget from the first day, so that you know your maximum range of spending. This is of vital importance since you won’t be exceeding the customer’s budget and will be clear on how much you can spend around on different things.

One Stop Shop

Successful wedding planners are those who are able to provide couples with everything under one roof and guide them with everything. From the wedding dress, the location of the reception, the invitations, the decorations and even the food are all responsibilities of the wedding planner, who ensures smooth flow of the event and a great time for the guests.

This can be achieved by having a smart and trained team of both workers and suppliers. A dedicated person for the flowers, a trusted person for the food catering with a hardworking team, who can all work together in synchronization and get all tasks completed on the desired time.

Follow-up Team

Train your team with the etiquettes to deal with clients on your behalf, in case they have quick questions or want to come in to see the samples. The team should be polite and helpful, instantly replying to requests and updating the customers on the progress of their event.

Meeting Deadlines

The first step to take after getting a client is to make a planner of important dates and deadlines and work accordingly. There is no room for pushing or moving dates when it comes to weddings. Know your suppliers and set dates with them according to their delivery pattern. Deliver sampling of menu and location tours on the dates as promised to your client and don’t delay. Any delays from your end will agitate the client, make them worried and nervous.

Food and Decorations

When offering the service of a planner, and that too for weddings, it is essential to ensure great food and arrangements. The guests are always looking forward to appetizing food. Sort out the menu in detail with your client and give them a sampling of the menu in advance. Also ensure that all the decorations and the layout is coherent with the wedding theme and design.