Creating a positive experience for shoppers cannot be achieved unless there is a focus on customer service during shipment of their products. The modern customer demands to effortlessly receive the items once he or she has made payment through the shopping cart online. Let’s evaluate some useful tips to boost customer satisfaction during delivery of goods.

Tracking Option

Don’t keep your customers confused about where their package has reached and how long they need to wait for it. Such uncertainty can cause discomfort and results in poor customer experience. You want to equip your customer with as much information as you can, and give them the access to monitor their shipment details. Give them a code and tracking number which helps them keep a close look at where the package has reached. This will increase control and the customer will treat your company as a dependable and reliable one, giving them comfort in purchasing from you in the future.

Direct Communication

Be the provider who doesn’t send automated messages to its clients, updating them about their purchase. Yes, the email is of vital importance, but it would have a far greater impact with personalization and personal comments. Write them a note and thank them for buying the product. A tailored message improves customer relationships and adds a personal touch to the communication with your clients and keeps them happy!

Delivery Support

If customers have a special occasion or need an urgent delivery, your company should provide a platform for such options. For example, an urgent ingredient for a special wedding cake, a Valentines Day gift or even your best friend’s birthday present. Let them select an urgent order and promise to deliver on time. Such items are time sensitive and customers are willing to pay the extra price to get the item as soon as they can.

Wouldn’t it be terrible if the customer pays the extra fee and still doesn’t get the shipment on time? Now imagine, delivering the product in a time sensitive deadline and that too for free? This will clearly build a lasting impact on the customer and build loyalty. Offering shipping options, for speedy deliveries or special packaging for fragile items adds to the service quality.

Making the Extra Effort

Customers often expect a bit much from companies and their service delivery. They want speed, personalization, quick response and easy access. If companies are successful in pleasing the customer and working on their terms to deliver accordingly, then nothing can keep a company from being the number one choice for customers. The logistics department should have flexible offerings when it comes to making an extra effort if the customer desires. This could include pre wrapping the gift for the person it is being delivered to, or send personalized notes through the delivery service.

Keeping friendly policies of return are extremely essential for customer satisfaction and confidence. Knowing that they will be able to return a product if they don’t like it will actually increase sales, since it will reduce the reluctance in the mind of the customer when making a purchase.