Most of us find it a hassle to fill in customer surveys. Though we might love the products and customer service offered at a particular mall or restaurant, we feel reluctant to rate these because of the stereotypical questions and the time taken up by surveys.

This is a chronic issue with customer surveys that no one likes responding to them because of their lengthy, boring, complicated and predictable questions. The idea is to make surveys unique and interesting so that customers would actually want to fill them out. If you want your customers to respond honestly and actively to your surveys, you need to ask yourself, why a customer would take time out to give answers to your questions. Putting yourself in your customers’ shoes would help you create a responsive survey, here are a few useful tips to inspire you!

Keep it Smart, Simple and Short

Bombarding your customers with 18-20 questions in a survey is not a good idea; keep your survey brief and simple with not more than ten questions. Construct short, comprehensible and smart questions that are easy to answer within two-five minutes. Yes/No, Agree/disagree are easy to pick out so design your questionnaire in a way that customers can quickly choose an answer. People prefer answering multiple choice questions but for that you need to create a credible rating scale to avoid errors and inaccurate responses. The structure of the questions should be understandable, avoid verbosity or confusing terms.

Make the Customers feel Empowered

Just like you put in effort for creating catchy marketing slogans, think out of the box to come up with a survey tagline that appeals to your customers and makes them feel special or empowered. You have to ensure your customers that their feedback is very valuable and would bring changes to your organizational structure, products and services. The objective of your survey should be to give all the power to the customers to rate your brand, so make the survey results available to them and update them on how you are improving your services based on their feedback.

Offer Customers an Incentive

If you want to enhance the success ratio of a survey you have to entice the customers with an incentive or bonus as a reward. An online poll about rating a customer service at a diner can be made more engaging for the customers by offering them free dinner coupons; a women’s fashion brand can take customer feedback through survey by offering them a lucky draw for a designer handbag. Making a survey rewarding for the customers is likely to bring you desired results. You can use social media for surveys bundled up with a bonus for the customers, bring the winners into the limelight on your social media pages to encourage more customers to participate in your feedback polls.

Ask a Celebrity or Brand Ambassador to Conduct Surveys

If you want to create hype for your surveys and want a greater ratio of your customers to respond to them, ask a celebrity or brand ambassador to help out. People would definitely prefer responding to a celebrity rather than a customer service rep or manager. If you have a brand ambassador you can ask him/her to gather customer feedback through surveys. The best way to go about this is holding an event where a famous celebrity or your brand ambassador can hand over the survey questionnaires to the audience and whoever completes the survey can take a selfie with the star.