The big question which businesses should ask themselves is: how can they consistently enhance customer service in a landscape where exceeding the modern customer’s high standards and expectations requires them to be the best at what they do? A customer’s perception of your company will be based on whether or not you keep your promises and if you are offering service according to customer needs. Therefore, the significance of adopting a ‘can do’ approach to service cannot be emphasized enough because it will boost your credibility and therefore, play a decisive role in creating and retaining lifelong customers. Here are some tips on how you can adopt a ‘can do’ approach to service and be at par with customer expectations.

Teach Staff What the ‘Can Do’ Approach Is All About

Always remember that adopting the ‘can do’ approach starts from within your organization. You need to make sure that your staff focuses on what they can accomplish for customers and this can be done by educating them about the detrimental consequences of providing unsatisfactory service. Get your teams on the same page by ensuring that they have a proper understanding of the rules for delivering customer service excellence. Communicate the core elements of the ‘can do’ approach to employees. Your first and foremost task is to ensure that they display a positive and proactive attitude in their roles. By ascertaining that this is consistently demonstrated at every touch point, employees will be able to evaluate the different ways in which they could help customers achieve specific goals without fail. For example, giving good advice, identifying pain points and accordingly, offering tailored products and services to solve them etc. Also, employees with the ‘can do’ approach are capable of transforming customer service problems into challenges by coming up with comprehensive solutions and answers in every scenario and situation. This would convince customers that your teams can think outside the box and serve them to the best of their abilities.

Assume Leadership in Resolving Customer Service Problems

Adopting a ‘can do’ approach is not limited to merely raising the bar in your service standards and stepping out of your comfort zone to serve customers. You must be prepared to accept challenges and turn negatives into positives because doing so will build customers’ trust in your business. For example, imagine a situation where a customer approaches you and states that a product which he/she recently purchased turned out to be defective. In this case, do your best to assist the customer and find an agreeable solution. Follow up with the customer later on to inquire about the quality of assistance he/she received and streamline your policies, processes and activities to ensure that your service is always according to their expectations.

Also, sometimes your business might come across situations which require more than one person to manage. The ‘can do’ approach requires you to accept these challenges and involve all your team members to tackle it collectively. This can be done in brainstorming sessions where you could encourage your staff to pitch in ideas and take initiative in dealing with customer service challenges. Ensure that they thoroughly understand what needs to be done and motivate them to tirelessly contribute enterprising solutions. You could also devise a complaint management system to check your employee’s performance and progress in managing customer grievances.

Always have a Backup Plan

Crisis management is an integral part of business and the ‘can do’ approach will not be as effective if you don’t have backup plans for handling situations that can harm your business. It is essential to be prepared for worst-case scenarios as this will show customers that regardless of any circumstances, your company will never compromise on providing quality service. This also means that teams should have the ability to adapt to unforeseen events. For instance, assume that your help desk’s phone line breaks down and your customers expect you to connect with them as soon as possible. Display responsiveness by making use of social media to announce your 24/7 availability on other communication channels to provide customers with uninterrupted support. Never miss out on an opportunity to show customers that they can always count on you to manage and exceed their expectations at every possible time. Always go the extra mile to offer your customers the best possible service.