What intrigues your customers? How can they be inspired to become loyal brand advocates who keep on purchasing from you? What will make them recommend you to others? These are some of the questions every thriving business should not only be able to answer but also accomplish. One way to do this is by having elaborate and effective loyalty programs.

Why are loyalty programs so significant? The positive reinforcement theory is believed by many to be an efficient way of achieving desired conduct. When you reward your customers for purchasing from you, you are encouraging them to repeat this behavior in order to get the positive reinforcement every individual seeks. Your loyalty programs will act as this positive reinforcement for customers. So how can you add more value to your loyalty program? Here are some of the essential elements of a perfect loyalty program:

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards have proven to be an effective method of building repeat business by offering members something that isn’t available to non-members. There are extra points awarded for every purchase and having a specific number of points gives your customers the chance to get a special discount or a gift. The exclusivity encourages them to strive to stay on top and utilize different discounts, coupons, and other rewards. Loyalty cards will make your customers feel privileged and happy to be a part of your business, and they will tend to stay with you for future purchases and remain loyal to your brand.

Encourage Competition

Gamification is another popular concept when it comes to loyalty programs. Inducing positive competition among your customers is another way to make them buy more, and be loyal to your brand. It also acts as an exciting exercise which will captivate your customers and eliminate any monotony in their journey with your brand. Everyone likes to win! Turn your loyalty program into a game to encourage repeat purchases and help strengthen your brand’s name, and leave a mark on your customers. It also gives a chance to the inactive customers to participate more enthusiastically and build a stronger relationship with your business.

Focus on the Power of Communication

Communication is the element that relationships thrive on. If you don’t have proper and regular contact with your customers, your loyalty programs will prove to be ineffective and redundant. Make sure that regular communication with customers is a top priority while developing a loyalty program. Your customers want to feel valued and appreciated. Connect with them on a personal level in order to make them feel valued and important, and in turn, earn their loyalty. Similarly your customer service trainings should be focused around motivating CSRs to proactively communicate with customers to encourage retention and loyalty.

Become Customer-Centric

Truly understand the concept “customer comes first”, as it is a direct way of ensuring that your loyalty program witnesses success. Incorporate this approach in every step that your business takes, making sure that you offer a remarkable customer experience throughout the customer journey. Your customers make your business, and knowing what your customers like and dislike should act as a key element when you are designing a loyalty program. Keep in mind customer feedback when coming up with a strategy. Place significance on customers’ needs as this will help you design a loyalty program which is mutually beneficial for you and your customers. This will not only help you retain more customers but also ensure your loyalty program is a success.