When it comes to online marketing in the UAE there is an array of firms to choose from. Whether the requirement of the tasks includes promoting a product online or not it is certainly become a necessity to dwell upon the importance of online marketing. When advertising in the UAE or using an online means to acquire the amount of publicity there are some trends that individuals or companies need to familiarize themselves with.

Getting the Regional Recognition

Promoting a business online in the UAE cannot produce the results unless the content of the website is bilingual and multi-cultural in order to incorporate the language necessities of this diverse area. To effectively deliver the perfect message and content, priorities in both the cultures should be considered. In the UAE the association of the English language is usually made with global business markets, education and technology hence combining both the languages remains a stimulating task. Most websites that function on a global level such as DHL or Nike have their website content in many different languages. Optimizing a multilingual SEO and SEM in this region can also prove to be fruitful. Search engine marketing in the UAE can be trickier than anywhere else in the world due to its diversity.

Swelling Trend of Social Media

Despite high chances of censorship UAE is still one of the world’s most rigid users of social networking. They have a very active social media user base with an internet saturation of 78%, compared to other parts of the world the UAE has one of the fastest growing markets online referred to as the rise in e-commerce. Facebook and Twitter popularity alone exceeds 30% of the total population of the UAE.

According to this year’s Internet World Stats report, the internet penetration rate in the UAE when associated to the rest of the world is 6.1% higher. Also UAE brands up about 3.7 % of the total internet users online in the world number. These statistics verify that online marketing can prove to be more fruitful in the UAE than most other places in the world. Possibly there will be other countries in the Middle East with a higher average of internet users but the most active members on social media websites have a tendency to be the ones from UAE recognitions to the high absorption. The essential difference between online marketing in the UAE and the rest of the world is mainly due to the specific measures in its diffusion and usage statistics, which make the marketplace distinctive.