Businesses these days have a diverse customer base. Dealing with different kinds of customers requires thorough understanding of human behavior. The most sensitive and meticulous of all the customers are parents since they expect the best for their children. Whether you are running a daycare center, a school or own a brand that sells products for children, offering parents a satisfactory customer experience may turn out to be a challenging endeavor. Businesses dealing with customers who are parents need to have emotionally sensitive people onboard as they are likely to understand their needs better and can empathize with them. Parents expect care, responsibility and responsiveness from a business. So while you are catering to this category of customers the first and foremost thing for developing trust is to offer them friendly, reliable and prompt service. Here are six tips to win over parents as your most loyal customers!

Offer Quality Product/Service that Best Fulfills a Family’s Needs

While selling a product/service to parents you need to focus on quality and the fact that it should fulfill a family’s need in the best possible manner. For instance, if you are a business that deals in clothing for kids and body care products, offer your customers high quality fabric and designs for clothes. Similarly your baby care product range should be dermatologically tested and approved, offer variety and competitive pricing to the parents so that they know that you can fulfill their expectations. The same goes true for a childcare service, if you are running a preschool, the factors that are likely to get you customer loyalty would be well-furnished classrooms, a well-stocked playroom and qualified and trained staff that knows how to deal with little ones.

Always Listen to Parents’ Concerns and Respect their Feelings

Parents are really concerned about the well-being of their kids, so it is very important for a business to attentively listen to their concerns and respect their feelings. If for instance, you are a brand that sells baby food, a parent comes to your store and tells you that his/her baby is allergic to lactose or some other food ingredient and seeks advice on selecting a perfect powder milk or supplement, be all ears to your customer. You can ask questions regarding the age and food intake of the baby to show you really want to help, offer suggestions and solutions to the customer by elaborating the nutritional values of your various products along with the possible details of allergens. A customer is likely to revisit your store if you make him/her feel understood and respected.

Make the Tangibles of a Product/Service Accessible to Your Customers

Parents want comfort, health, happiness and safety for their children. In order to win their trust and loyalty, you need to make all the details of your product/service available to them. For instance, if you are running a daycare center, offer parents to take a tour before making a choice. Hand them over the food and baby care products that you use so they feel that you are putting an effort to develop trust with them. Show prospective customers all the rooms of your center and make them meet all your team members. Being honest and transparent with your customers always pays off and it can win you word of mouth referrals as well since every parent wants to see and feel how a product/service would turn out to be for their kids.

Express Enthusiasm, Appreciation and Positive Attitude

Representatives who are dealing with parents should be passionate about their jobs, they should know how to appreciate customers and keep a positive attitude. If for instance, you sell toys for children, your staff should warmly greet the parents and kids walking in. You should have friendly, dedicated and positive people in your team who can ask the little ones what kind of toys they like and help them in making a choice without getting annoyed. On the way out, give the children chocolates or candies and thank the parents for their visit. Remember the names of your customers’ children and their preferences. Whenever they visit again, appreciate the visit and show the kids toys that they would like. This would make the experience memorable for the parents and they are likely to develop affinity for your brand.


Show Parents that you can go an Extra Mile for Their Children

It is the little and thoughtful things that can make a customer experience all the way more unique and memorable. Let us take the example where a customer called the staff at Ritz Carlton asking about his son’s favorite stuffed toy Joshie that he left in the room during their stay at the hotel. The customer told the hotel staff that he made up a story about Joshie that he stayed back at the hotel to have an extended vacation to calm his kid who got upset on losing his favorite stuffed giraffe. Ritz Carlton went an extra mile to make this story true for the little kid. They found Joshie, took photos of him relaxing near the pool, in the spa and driving a truck, documented the pictures in a binder and sent it in a package to the customer along with Joshie. The father shared this story on multiple platforms saying the hotel’s exceptional service has won his loyalty for life. Your business can take inspiration from such stories and do something unforgettable to show parents that you can go an extra mile for their children.