Without incorporating the concept of cultural diversity in your customer service strategy, you would not be able to win the hearts of a global audience. Getting well-acquainted with the cultural differences and developing a customer service approach accordingly would not only earn you a competitive edge but will also prove effective in enhancing customer satisfaction. Since in different cultures the perceptions regarding behavior, assertiveness and satisfaction are different, you ought to handle customers by first understanding their particular cultural backgrounds. Here are a few tips to deliver great customer service keeping in view different cultural perspectives.


Communicate With Customers in Their Language

Language barriers can drastically impact a business which is catering to global customers. Therefore, it is important to hire multilingual customer service staff (with clear accents and proficiency in different dialects) to facilitate international customers. This will enable your business to provide better customer experience and help expand your global customer base. Effective communication is the key towards a successful customer brand relationship. Having staff which can communicate with customers in their local language will make them feel more welcome and comfortable. Language is considered to be the reflection of a culture or society, conversing with the customers in their native languages would help you develop personal connections with them, you can handle even the most difficult and disgruntled customers that way.

Understanding Customer Expectations Improves Customer Satisfaction

Customers belonging to different cultures have different expectations. For example, in some cultures female consumers might not be comfortable in buying or asking for help regarding certain items from a male sales representative. They would prefer a female representative to help with product queries. Based on these cultural norms you can devise a customer service strategy in which you offer customers solutions and services based on their cultural behavior and expectations. Evaluating the cultural behavior would make you familiar with your customers’ expectations; hence you can provide them with a better service experience.

Respecting Different Cultural Norms Strengthens Customer Brand Relationship

Culture evolves over time and consists of set prior traditions that a community ardently follows. Respecting cross cultural norms is essential for any business. You must change your organizational behavior to meet the needs of your international customers. Respecting the cultural norms and treating customers according to their cultural values would enhance your image as a brand that cares. Cross cultural training can equip your customer service staff with the special knowledge and skills which can play a significant role in satisfying and strengthening your brand’s relationship with customers from across the world. This is especially important for the Hotel and Airline industry where staff has to deal with customers coming from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Be a Brand That Celebrates Culture

You should promote yourself as a brand that celebrates different cultures. Create segments of your audience and understand the different cultural backgrounds they come from. You can then use your social media pages to post exciting and noteworthy content about the music, heritage and other aspects of their cultures. You can hold different food and music festivals for your global customers to assure them that their cultural values are important to you. Airlines and hospitality businesses in particular can make use of different cultural themes to attract customers.