How to Train Your CSRs

(February 11, 2016)

The perfect employee is created, not recruited. Out of every opportunity that you get, taking it from a tentative feat to definitive success is your job! Same is the case with your employees. If you’re hiring people based on the criteria that has been set for your business and then immediately start expecting results, you’re only doing half your job. The ideal employee is fashioned through an elaborate training process that is vital for progressive organizations. Investing in Customer Service Trainings is fundamental for employee motivation and skill enhancement. Here are some essentials to keep in mind when training your customer service staff.


Invest in Customer Service Training Games

The practical application of customer service skills is an important aspect of an effective training program. Playing an interactive game where you apply certain skills can play major role in knowledge retention. Your training program needs to be engaging for employees, in order for their interest to be captured. Customer Service Training Games not only act as a fun exercise for participants, but also boost confidence and build morale.

There are some basic requirements of a successful training game. They should motivate participants, improve social interaction and reinforce learning, which is the primary objective of every training. Starting your training workshop with a game that encourages social interaction will help create a common bond between participants making them more comfortable, which is an important skill for your customer service staff since they have to work together as a team and help customers.

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Frequent Testing

While training your employees is typically about giving them direction, it is also equally important to gauge their performance and improvement after a specific interval of time. This will make you understand the effectiveness of your training program. Carry out frequent testing, be it theoretical or practical, for it induces competition and the desire to excel within participants. Moreover, testing also helps you devise strategies for coming up with better training techniques and indicates what changes need to be made in current customer service trainings. If employees know that after a specific time period they will be tested, they will naturally be inclined to pay more attention during training and perform better.

Have Well-Developed Training Manuals

In order to make your training program effective, you need to have it properly planned out and compiled in the form of a manual which is easily accessible for your staff. Not only is it easier, time-saving and convenient for employees to keep track of the training program by the use of a training manual, it is also helpful as employees can refer to a written document whenever they need guidance. It streamlines the CSRs’ training and thus you have well-documented standard practices to be applied across the organization. With the help of a training manual, you can easily make sure that the entire customer service staff is being conveyed the same customer-centric practices. FAQs and tests can also be developed for training your staff based on these manuals.