Regardless of the care and caution you ensure when it comes to serving customers, complaints and issues are inevitable. There will always be some customers who are unhappy with your product or service. The question is how to restore their confidence in your business? What measures should you take that will ensure you win them back? What’s the fastest and most efficient way of achieving this? The goal is to handle every challenging situation in a way that leaves the customer with a reinforced positive impression about your business. Make sure that every disappointed client who comes to you leaves satisfied with your business. Train your CS staff on the following techniques that must be implemented in order to get your clients to trust you again:

Always Admit Your Mistake

Admitting your mistake is the first step towards a comprehensive solution. In order to solve the problem, acknowledge your mistake, put yourself in the customers’ shoes, empathize with them and make amends through your words and body language. A friendly attitude along with words of comfort will give clients the reassurance that you are sorry for your mistake. For example, if your product was delivered past the delivery date or turned out to be faulty, instead of making excuses, you must apologize for the inconvenience faced by your client and reassure him/her that the issue will be solved at the earliest and will not happen again. This will serve as the first step towards damage control that every business must implement in order to regain customers’ confidence. Reassure them that you realize what went wrong and are willing to fix the problem.

Begin Damage Control Instantly

A speedy response towards the implementation of a solution is necessary for client satisfaction. CSRs must be well-equipped to handle the problem and solve the issue at first contact. The only thing worse than a disaster that makes your clients lose confidence in your business is a delay in the solution to a problem. The longer you take to provide them with a convincing solution, the more concrete their perception of being treated unfairly becomes. A major aspect of damage control is time management. Teach your customer service staff to come up with immediate and effective solutions, and to be able to think on their feet to restore the trust of clients.

Ask For Detailed Client Feedback

While reassuring words and an apologetic attitude is essential, if your clients get the impression that you’re all talk and no action, you will start losing their trust completely. One of the best customer service practices is to convey empathy and immediately ask for their feedback with the clear intention of implementing it to make your service better. Show your clients they matter to you by making sure their recommendations are implemented. This will change their perception of you and make them inclined towards giving your business another chance.

Express Your Gratitude by Going the Extra Mile

Once client complaints have been handled well and the problem has been fixed at the grass root level, what is the next step? In order to make certain that the clients’ impression of your brand changes into a positive perception after the bad experience they have had, you must offer them something extra, as a gesture to show you care and value their business. Give them a free product, or a month worth of free service, offer them an exclusive discount on one of your top deals, or a platinum loyalty card. This way, they will truly see that you have gone the extra mile for them. This will act as a remarkable gesture and the final step towards making sure their faith is restored in your business.