Customers often experience deteriorating customer service standards when dealing with companies that are rapidly growing or expanding. This can be due to a number of factors such as lack of resources to meet customer needs and not having solid customer support processes in place. What businesses don’t realize is that customers are more likely to leave a company based on poor customer experience. Falling customer service standards also impede a company’s ability to win loyal customers who are responsible for further growth of your business.

Optimizing Resources

During times of rapid growth, it is equally important to increase the number of resources available for customer service. It should be ensured that customer service budgets are increased proportionately, given the level of growth the company is experiencing. There should be enough customer care personnel to handle the increased traffic on various communication channels. This would require the business to recruit and train additional customer service representatives, in addition to streamlining the customer service protocols to allow for seamless and effective experience for customers. The business also might need to bring in customer service experts and develop a comprehensive customer service strategy.

Creating a Customer-Centric Culture

A coherent customer service strategy, that is well-integrated into all functional departments of a business, will help educate the workforce about the importance of creating a customer-centric culture. There should be consistency in terms of company’s vision when it comes to customer service. A customer-centric approach should be developed and encouraged throughout the organization. Management should ensure that all departments of the business are in sync with their efforts to provide excellent customer service.

Constantly Monitor Customer Feedback

Rapidly growing businesses often lose track of their customer service performance. This is why it is significant to periodically review, monitor and report the company’s customer service performance. Metrics should be developed to gauge customer satisfaction levels that will present a clear picture as to how well the company has managed to maintain the standard. Monitoring and analyzing data pertaining to customer service would require the company to seek feedback from customers on a regular basis in the form of ratings and satisfaction levels. All the collected data will enable thorough analysis and help identify reasons for any discrepancies from the set standards.

Corrective Action

Effective monitoring will give way to effective control and corrective actions. Once it has been determined that customers are experiencing falling service standards, managers should move to find out what areas need to improve and remove discrepancies in the system. Corrective action may include hiring more customer service representatives and offering more interactive channels for customer support such as assistance on social media or live chat on the company’s website. Customers could be asked to suggest ways to meet their needs in a more effective manner, in addition to hiring customer service experts who could help the business identify loopholes. Businesses should aim to adhere to customer service standards prior to the growth phase, which would act as a benchmark.

Adding a Personal Touch

Never ignore the importance of personal touch in the delivery of products and service no matter what the size of your business is and how much it has grown. Management should ensure that the element of personal touch continues to be an integral part of the company’s persona. Personal touch wins companies loyal customers who are invaluable to growth. Moreover, personal touch enables companies to acquire honest feedback, which is needed for improving product design and service delivery. Make sure to provide a unique experience to every customer that your company is selling to. While business growth often leads to automation and technology driven solutions, the necessary personalized human element must always be incorporated to connect better with your clients and effectively meet their customer support needs.