In order to deliver memorable service to your customers, you need to have a dedicated and competent customer experience team on board. How can such a team be created? The first step involves hiring the “right” people. While industry experience and knowledge is an essential criteria for customer service professionals, you should look for individuals who are passionate about serving clients, are empathetic and believe in learning new things. Training your team members on essential customer service skills would help them further refine their skills, they would also get a grasp of latest industry trends and are likely to put in extra effort to innovate the service experience. Guiding the team in the right direction is also important, without proper direction, team members cannot fulfill their goal of delivering superior service. Have a look at some useful tips to build an amazing customer experience team!

Hire Enthusiastic, Experienced and Empathetic Individuals

Clients want to be served by staff who greet them with a smile, make them feel welcomed, understand their needs and expectations and go the extra mile. While hiring people in your team, you need to choose individuals who are responsible, enthusiastic, experienced and are emotionally intelligent. Without understanding the emotions of clients, representatives would not be able to cater to their needs. Hence, hire people who know how to interpret emotions and are willing to give their best in making the service experience remarkable.

Leaders should give Direction and Essential Guidance

A team can’t excel without essential guidelines and proper direction from the leader. Hence, managers need to guide teams in order to propel their efforts in the right direction. They should explain to team members areas which should be focused upon, how certain processes work and how to be consistent with service. Training sessions should be conducted for the team to teach the importance of communication and other skills that are vital for delivering great service experience. Once your team members know the rules and get familiar with your organizational structure they can set goals for achieving customer service excellence.

Empower the Team to Resolve Issues and Go the Extra Mile

Customer Service teams have to deal with challenging situations and difficult clients. While handling a disgruntled client, a CSR should have the power to offer a refund, free product or a discount card. If you want your team to win client loyalty, you need to empower them to resolve issues and go the extra mile. It would not only keep customers happy but would also motivate your team since they would feel that you trust their decisions and they are likely to give their best.

Involve the Team in Enhancing and Innovating the Experience

A customer experience team is not only responsible for keeping clients contented with the service, it should also play its role in improving and innovating the experience. Since your CS team deals directly with clients, you should give priority and value to the ideas of team members on enhancing the service experience. Ask them what problems they are facing while serving clients and what their suggestions are on modifying the service. It is quite likely that you will get insightful opinions from them that you can utilize to make the experience more satisfactory.

Gauge Team’s Performance by its Impact on Customer Satisfaction

A smart way to enhance the productivity of your team is to gauge the performance by its impact on client satisfaction. You should make this the essential criterion for your team members to get promotion. While evaluating every individual team member’s performance is important, you should incentivize them by offering rewards and bonuses for making a difference to customers’ happiness. This way, they will work together to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction, it will boost team spirit and improve the productivity of your staff on the whole.