Dubai is known for being the hub of the best luxurious hotels in both Middle East & North Africa region and it is going to be one crowded place by the mid of 2013. Like every famous tourist spot is highlighted every year and people flee from all across the globe to get that piece of exotic heaven to themselves; Dubai has seen this rise gradually. Over the last decade with its flourishing Hotel industry UAE has seen a stunning growth in its economy with hotels in both Abu-Dhabi and Dubai.

The question though is why Dubai in particular and what attracts tourists every year in great numbers? To answer my question I did some research and the answers were not shocking but explained the whole hype. One of the main reasons of this slow and gradual rise was the exotic beaches and services that were offered to expats. Global companies were opening branches in Dubai and to accommodate them these luxuries were opened. Word of mouth held more credibility of these luxurious services and hence more tourists and more transfers were seen. Employees were being shifted permanently, and there was no reason to say no to peace, tranquility and fun.

Another reason that came to the forefront was the global events that were held, like Dubai Shopping Festival, Concerts, Award Functions and World Cups. 2012, alone held a calendar full of events and by the end of 2013 the growth in tourism and hospitality will be thrice the number that was in 2012. Another big number of hotels are soon to be built in 2013 to accommodate the upcoming number of tourists, which come attached to these events. It’s not just the events alone that captivate them, it’s all the adventurous fun that people get to do when in Dubai. From Hollywood celebrities to Bollywood, a large number of them have been seen acquiring residential homes for their families and this trend is growing tremendously.

Now we also have to see how the growth of the hospitality industry has either raised or dropped the level of emirates customer service. It all seems perfect with the construction of new hotels and  more rooms being added but is the customer service actually up to the mark or is it facing a decline?. Now as far as the surveys go, the customer service was fine when the tourism did not hit Dubai in full scale but as the rise was seen, a steady decline in the customer service also came to notice. As compared to western countries or Europe, Dubai has a lot to learn in respect to its customers. Now customer service does not end at providing the best room or view to the customer rather it goes much more beyond it. It starts the moment a customer steps in your hotel and wants to inquire about something, it can be from anything small to something big.

The customer’s experience at your hotel should be the best they have ever had, from catering their queries to granting their wishes it all really depends on you. Pro-active employees are the best who take their work a step ahead; they should be trained in such a way that they do not miss anything on your customer. This not only results in the customers choosing your hotel as one of the best in town but also gives them a mental note to seek this particular hotel the next time as well.

As more International chains are opening up in Dubai and an estimate of over forty seven new hotels has been made till date, the bar on customer service has been set real high. Training managers are being hired and moved from around the Globe to facilitate the new employees and raise their standard of customer service. From presenting themselves well and speaking in the most polite manner the employees are being given refresher courses. All previous employees are being checked for their progress and are being promoted accordingly. A great business does not just think of how to increase its revenue or how to be an acclaimed success. But it considers itself successful only when the employees are at their best and performing even better. This however is only possible if your employees are taken care of and once they are, the boost to your company’s growth is steady and it keeps continuing.

Dubai hospitality sector was one of the best performers in the Middle East in 2011. Scores of tourists flock to the city all year round, and, summer seems to be no exception. Being awarded the World Travel Awards for Best Middle East destination for the last two consecutive years, Dubai is strengthening its infrastructure to turn itself into a premier tourist destination. The lavish, almost addictive luxury that the hotel industry in the UAE provides is what attracts customers and business from the world over, and its central location further adding to its appeal. The Arab heritage and culture makes the package more attractive. The breath taking shopping malls and the emergence of Dubai as a commercial hub has increased its desirability as a destination and a forum for leisure and business simultaneously. All this was and is of absolute indispensible relevance and importance as far as breaking free from the escape velocity of the recession is concerned. The occupancy rates of hotels in 2012 were almost doubled as compared in 2008.

Dubai’s rapid growth to becoming an ultimate vacation destination is commendable, within a year it has attracted more than any one had anticipated. Luxuries offerings are nothing less than the best and the customer service is just the right amount of perfect. Now it is also said that and I quote Alain de Botton

“The materialistic view of happiness of our age starkly revealed in our understanding of the word ‘luxury’.”
The power of allowing people and customers to purchase or rent this luxury is something to be reckoned with. The lavish, almost addictive luxury that the hotel industry in the UAE provides is what attracts customers and business from the world over, and its central location further adding to its appeal. The Arab heritage and culture makes the package more attractive as Middle East for Europeans, Americans and Asians has always been exotic and luxurious through works of fiction.

Dubai, with rapid growth has to keep a sharp eye on customer service as it serves as one of the most important keys in the rise of the hospitality industry. Good customer service is one where your customers are taken care of in the most accommodating way possible. Little things matter the most, a little something extra can work a long way for your business. The result; Perked up employees taking initiative to help your customer which means your customers being happy, not to forget giving you repeated business.

2013 alone holds a bright future for Dubai and Abu-Dhabi with substantial growth to economy and hospitality. To be the best and to compete with the best, you have the core ingredient at your hands and with this no one can stop your business to grow. Remember the world is filled with examples of bad customer service but to set the new bar you have to think outside the box and make it work in your favor. After all its growth, success and business that you look forward too.