In every customer support team, there are some agents who stand out in every aspect as they understand how to meet and exceed customer expectations, needs and demands. These individuals may be termed as ‘super-agents’. Their expertise includes extensive knowledge of the products/services of their business as well as enhanced soft skills that help them cater to clients efficiently. Here are a few indicators that will help you determine if your customer service skills are up to par with those of super-agents:

Extensive Knowledge of the Business

Scenario: Super-agent confirms product availability alongside guiding the customer on specifications, price, delivery time and warranty details.

A super-agent is equipped with extensive knowledge and great understanding of every aspect of the business. When a customer poses a query, they already have answers due to their knowledge and through experience. Be it product, service, company policies, procedures or even technical complications; the super-agent will easily resolve an issue in the quickest and the best possible manner. They don’t require handing over problems to seniors or colleagues, they are equipped and trained to take care of it themselves.

A Proactive Approach

Scenario: Customer enquires about service upgrade, super-agent answers but notices that the subscription ends next month. So he/she proactively informs, asks and renews it then and there.

The agent is always available and reaches out to guide the customer throughout their journey with the company. With detailed insight, a super-agent is always on the lookout for chances to improve the experience for customers. This includes taking preemptive measures to overcome hurdles without any commotion. Super-agents have the best interests of clients and the business at heart, so alongside resolving issues, they also keenly observe any hiccups the business might face in the future. They timely inform concerned personnel to subdue glitches beforehand.

Display Emotional Intelligence

Scenario: An angry client contacts customer service to vent how he/she is feeling annoyed because of the company. Super-agents gracefully handle these difficult clients by empathizing and offering a solution that is a perfect fit.

No matter what business or industry you belong to, you will inevitably face unhappy customers at one point or another. A super-agent is emotionally intelligent enough to recognize, listen and understand the situation from the client’s perspective. Their ability to connect on a deeper level enables them to diffuse the situation and provide a workable solution. They know how to use the right words by being perceptive to customers’ gestures and words.

Ability to Create Interesting Conversations

Scenario: It’s El Classico and everyone’s watching but suddenly the customer faces difficulty in using your product/service. While resolving the query, super-agent strikes up sports talk and cheers with them.

The art of conversation and storytelling comes naturally to a super-agent. They know how to initiate interesting conversations and how to keep them going. Their communication skills empower them to engage the client consistently and meaningfully. A common ground, a common interest will be pinpointed and every conversation from then onwards will be directed with metaphors and parables to connect profoundly.

Be Able to Employ Creative and Critical Thinking

Scenario: At times, there are new situations or problems presented by clients that the company hasn’t dealt with before. In such a scenario, super-agents analyze the situation to find a solution to make the customer happy.

For situations that require out-of-the-box thinking to resolve customer’s complaint, the super-agent employs creativity to come up with unconventional solutions. This helps in creating more customer satisfaction. Due to their analytical nature, the super-agent is able to quickly assess every situation from every perspective and come up with a conclusive answer which helps in achieving the ‘wow’ factor.

Getting Things Done on Time

Scenario: A client contacts you and wants his issue resolved immediately. Super-agent was already busy with a ticket but takes on this new challenge and manages to complete both in time.
Time management is an essential soft skill that is required by every support agent. Utilizing customer service best practices, a super-agent handles multiple tasks if need be but always gets the job done within the timeframe. This involves prioritizing tasks, breaking it down and creating timelines. When effectively trained by customer service trainers, they become proficient, self-sufficient and accountable to themselves. This accountability motivates them to skillfully manage time to achieve results.