One of the quickest growing customer base belongs to the mobile industry in the UAE as well as around the world. With over half of the phones used in the UAE being smartphones with internet access, it achieves to explain the universal growth in online purchases in the past decade. Studies from MasterCard reveal that over 42% of their shoppers in the UAE accessed online shopping as an option. Another interesting disclosure in the same survey defined how 15% of their customers planned to make an online purchase through their smartphone. All of this begs the question as to what business generates the highest amount of online interest in terms of actual purchases. The study reveals that a staggering 78% of UAE prefers to purchase its tickets online rather than other methods. More so the highest amount of interest paid otherwise is to app sites and music downloading web pages. Enjoying the forefront in the Middle East business customers from the UAE prove to adapt quickly to newer trends.

Customer Requirement is a never-ending Process

Most customers incline to turn to online shopping with cases such as tickets or bookings where it isn’t necessary for the customer to be present. It still remains vital to assess the characteristics through which customers eliminate their choices. Studies verify that most customers look at details such as; payment method convenience, security, price/value, website reputation and the user-friendliness of the website. Customers tend to attach great value to customer satisfaction. When these trends are compared to trends from the world there arise a few variances. The upward trend in sales growth remains the same while most customers around the globe tend to purchase online. Even though airline tickets and travel arrangements maintain top online precedence they are not the most popular online products purchased. Keeping these trends in sight, it is vital to understand the importance of customer satisfaction if the business in question has managed to pierce through the online market of 2.2 billion people.

Converting Customers into Assets

The trend in online shopping has become more lucrative as the world steps out of wearisome times in regards to economy and inflation. Companies such as Oracle are responsible for providing high profile business organizations with software solutions and introduction of high end technology within their routine procedures and are synonymously successful at what they do. Oracle manages customer relations incisively and prides itself on focusing their efforts on making their customers more successful. Once the three step process of handling customers en route the company keeps most of its focus on customer satisfaction. Along with managing their job which is to “use technology to drive productivity, growth and value for their customers” service companies manages to handle customer relationships with utmost responsibility. It defines their standpoint as a company to have an asset of satisfied and successful customers.