Absolutely Dubai!

(December 24, 2012)

Almost every metropolitan city in the world holds certain inimitable features that make it the city that it is. Without features or properties as such the city would have no incentive for people to move in and settle or even visit it for that matter. The FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) has conducted a research and published an article on the finding, denoting all the different reasons why Dubai continues to remain a top tourist destination worldwide and one of the most self-sufficient cities without any natural resources. The fact that Dubai offers a superior lifestyle and amazing retail options are the two outstanding features that set it apart.


Tenacious Foundation Affirms Sustainability

Apart from the tourist attraction, Dubai has gained a reputation for being a great example of the perfect business terminus – given its business promoting government and the aptness for becoming a worldwide hub for multinational companies to set up in. Along with these few distinguishing factors Dubai continues to possess one of the best infrastructures for logistics in the world, and has a great setup concerning information technology. Dubai with its consistent affinity towards global trends continues to baffle travelers with its amazing shopping attractions, and sustainable growth maintained over an impressive stretch of time. Dubai’s non-oil trade rendered them Dh 911 billion during the first ten months of 2011 while the same figure in 2012 had reached over Dh 1.029 trillion indicating a 13% growth in the overall trade. Dubai houses around 2.2 million people from over 202 different nationalities and providing them with continuous opportunities is primarily the reason for its status and reputation.

Dubai: Regional Business Concourse

Dubai is one of the few cities in the world that provide a safe, multiracial environment where the population is continuously exposed to the best retail choices being offered. This continues to be a major source of popularity for the city among travelers and residents. Apart from the fact that it provides businesses with immediacy towards growth and a perfectly pre-set infrastructure, it is also the Dubai lifestyle that majorly attracts people from all around the world. The top reasons for Dubai becoming the prime business destination are its connectivity (located centrally with a good communications base), transparent policies (highly professional government involvement in the sector promoting growth) and above all its guarantee of a safe and active lifestyle.

International Laurels Distinguishes Dubai from the Rest of the World

Dubai continues to retain one of the most lucrative markets in the world with the third largest export hub and having the fourth largest airport, where the excellent transport groundwork delivers the business and people to vital international markets within a very short period of time. Such are the factors determining Dubai’s superiority in terms of the perfect destination for setting up a business.