The change in buyer-to-seller dynamics has transformed the way customer happiness is perceived by both customers and businesses. Customer satisfaction is the new treasure vault that every company wants to unlock and the secret for opening it can be as simple as kindness and showing that you care. Creating acts of kindness for your customers is like sowing a seed in the field, which later grows into strong branches of happiness, satisfaction and even loyalty. Here are some ways to show customers that you care about them.

Creating Little Acts of Kindness

For every angry customer you encounter, there’s always one who patiently waits for his turn. Appreciate them. In the fast paced world we live in, patience is an uncommon virtue and customers who understand your position, even when there’s a mistake, should always be acknowledged and valued. Starting a conversation with phrases such as ‘Thank you for your patience’ or ‘we appreciate your interest in us’ can enforce a positive image of your brand in their minds.

Another way of appreciating your customers is to write personalized thank you notes for them. Sending a thank you note, specially tailored for the customer who made a large purchase from your brand or the one who often visits your store, shows that your company values its customers. Relevance and personalization should be at the core of these thank you notes and special messages for greater impact.

Treat Them like Loved Ones

Take a moment to think about a loved one who remembers all your important dates, always appreciates your achievements and makes time to spend with you. It not only makes you feel special, but also creates a stronger bond of loyalty. Companies which consider customers as their friends and craft their marketing strategies around their needs, have a higher probability of succeeding than others who don’t put customers at the center of their business model. Conduct regular customer service training for your organization to ensure your staff has all the essential skills required to deliver a personalized service experience.

Surprise Your Customers

If you’re thinking about satisfying your customers and motivating them to share their positive stories with others, there’s a fun way to do it. Surprising your customers with the unexpected can be the ultimate force that drives them towards brand loyalty. Sending surprise rewards to customers who have made a huge purchase, waited patiently during peak hours, or continue to come back to you, can be a great way to show that you care about them. Along with creating moments of surprise for customers, ensure that you consistently exceed their expectations.

The Classic Offers – Perks & Freebies

Psychological triggers are often a dominating aspect in creating loyal customers and repeat purchase. Imagine you’re a regular at a café, enjoying a cup of coffee with your friend and a waiter comes in with a slice of your favourite chocolate cake. Such courteous acts show customers that you care about them. Throwing in a few freebies can create a signature experience for your business and help in building brand perception.  

Reward Your Customers for their Loyalty

In a rapidly transforming era, companies have been struggling to find the key to keeping customers loyal to their brands. One of the ways to ensure loyalty is to offer something more to customers in return for their purchasing decision. A smartly crafted loyalty program is pivotal for this purpose. A loyalty program not only reiterates the fact that you value your customers, it also helps increase retention rate. Offer benefits that will make sense for your clientele and things that they value and appreciate.