Customer service is a key factor for the success or failure of a business. A bad customer service experience not only results in loss of customers but also leads to negative brand image that causes irreparable damage. Statistics reveal that customers are four times likely to switch a brand because of poor service experience as opposed to receiving a highly priced product. So how can you make the service experience better for your customers? Start off by getting to know the expectations of your customers and setting your service goals accordingly. You need to make sure that all your service processes are being tracked properly, utilize smart tools to streamline your customer service procedures. Most of the negative experiences are a result of delayed responses to customer service issues and complaints. Here are five ways to gauge if your service experience is satisfying enough to bring back customers!

Is Your Service Based on Customer Expectations?

Set your service rules based on customer expectations. Knowing the preferences of your customers and modifying the service experience accordingly will help you enhance customer satisfaction levels. Instead of making your own service rules make them relevant to your customers’ needs. If for instance, you see that every customer expects a designated CSR to serve him/her you can make it your service rule that a CSR should attend to one customer at a time with all the attention and care, you can hire more people to meet customer expectations.

Are You Using Reliable Service Tools for Streamlining Processes?

Offering excellent customer service requires organizing and keeping track of many small yet important things. In order to make sure that you are not missing out on anything, use latest and reliable tools and apps for streamlining processes. Document everything and utilize smart tracking tools to know if your customers are receiving satisfactory service. For instance, if you are running an online store you need to keep a track of every customer’s order, the estimated time of delivery, if the order is dispatched on time and if it has the right product or not. There are various tracking and documentation tools available for businesses, make use of them to give customers your best.

Are You Proactive in Resolving Issues and Complaints?

Proactively resolving customer service issues is an indication that you are continuously working towards serving customers. If you want your service experience to be memorable, be proactive in resolving customers’ complaints and issues. Instead of making customers wait for the resolution of a problem, give them a solution instantly. Track every customer complaint and take minimal time to address the issues at hand. After resolving service complaints, always follow up with customers. Communicate on a regular basis and ask customers if they are happy with the solution, it will help you win their trust and further improve your service.

Are You Available and Accessible to Customers on all Channels?

Another way to ensure that your customers are receiving great service is to make yourself available and accessible on all channels. Availability and willingness to serve your customers are key ingredients of great service. There will always be customers who feel more comfortable in contacting you through e-mail, social media or live chat. Make sure you are accessible on various channels, be clear about your response time and make sure you get back to customers within the time mentioned on your website or social media page.

Do You Keep a Record of Every Customer Interaction and Follow up?

In order to increase your chances of repeat business, keep a record of every customer interaction and follow up on a regular basis. There might be customers who are unhappy about your service and leave your business without sharing why; communicating with such customers will give you an opportunity to rectify negative experiences. Follow up with customers who leave without buying anything and ask them to revisit, you can tell them about your upcoming products and encourage them to come again. Tracking every customer interaction would give you an opportunity to make lost and unhappy customers contented with your service.