In order to make any event a success, a memorable experience needs to be offered to those who are attending. Meticulous planning needs to go into targeting the right customers and then ensuring that they not only attend the event but spread positive word about it. Design a strategy based on the type of event, be it a sporting event, concert, an opening of a store, conference or product launch. Paying attention to little details can make a remarkable difference on how customers feel they are being treated. Here are a few tips that can help provide better experience and create a ‘wow’ impact for your customers.

 Focus on a Great First Impression

It is essential for businesses to make a great first impression when organizing an event. Based on customer profiling, identify the promotional channels which should be used. Reach out to customers and disseminate information through these channels regarding venue, time and other details. Depending on the type of event, you can send out customized cards along with gift baskets to create the right first impression. Adding a personal touch right from the start is not only the right marketing strategy but helps strengthen relationships. Your first impression will set the tone for whatever follows.

Make Use of Technology to Guide Customers

Deploy the latest in technology before, during and after the event to build a better experience. This can be done in multiple ways. For instance, connecting with customers through their digital devices and engaging them via social media. Sending out text alerts, location sharing on mobile, using live chat to offer more information on your website or app, along with adding self-service kiosks at the event for getting information or even directions if it is a large venue. Create a hashtag for the event on social media networks to post updates and other useful information.


Pay Attention to Special Needs

Empathy is a prerequisite when it comes to customer experience. There could be attendees who might make special requests in terms of diet/disability/access, so be ready to cater to their needs. In order to create an unforgettable experience for everyone, it is essential to focus on the needs and preferences of those attending. Stay in touch with them from the initial point of contact right till the end, ensuring consistency. As a customer service best practice, make sure that nobody has to wait or stand in line for anything.

Offer Personalized Experiences

On the day of the event, how you treat and value your customers is what they will take from it. Besides creating the right ambiance, it is crucial that you offer excellent service to make every moment memorable for them. When the attendees start pouring in, have your staff ready to greet and guide them. Train your team members to go around and ask event attendees if they need anything. Use your available resources to sort out any hurdles as quickly as possible with a smile. Depending on the budget and type of event, it is always a great idea to invest in giveaways to be handed out as attendees leave. This parting gift will help them remember you.

Follow-Up with Attendees for Feedback

Once the event has concluded, follow up with those who attended to get insight on what they think. Ask them for suggestions on what can be added at future events. Engage attendees on different channels by sending them thank you notes and letting them know how much their presence was valued. Share event pictures/videos to give everyone a glimpse of what happened. Keeping in mind that customer experience extends beyond the event, ensure that you reach out to everyone and invite them to your next events.