Celebrities are smart marketers, they know the art of winning the hearts of their fans and that is why many of them are running their successful brands. The reason why celebrities are so successful in generating mass following and customers for their businesses is that they focus upon being unique and creating an emotional association. The way celebrities are making use of social media for word of mouth marketing is yet another lesson that businesses can make use of to strengthen their customer base. So if you want your business to thrive and have brand advocates like celebrities do, here are a few inspiring lessons to learn from the superstars!


Go Overboard in Appreciating and Loving Your Customers

Appreciating and loving your customers is at the heart of exemplary customer service. However, the way celebrities go overboard in expressing their gratitude and love for their fans is a lesson for businesses to build a lifelong relationship with their customers. Miley Cyrus has nicknamed her fans “Smilers”, she appreciates them not only on social media but in person as well. Taylor Swift sent a fan a hand painted picture, some gifts and a $1,989 check to help her pay her tuition fee. Applying such a customer relationship strategy to your business can work wonders for you. Making your customers feel a part of a special community, interactively communicating with them and giving them special and thoughtful gifts would indeed make them your fans.

Be Open and Honest to Your Customers

Being straightforward and honest to your customers will not only help you with customer satisfaction but it would become a key differentiator for your business. Though there are celebrities who like keeping their personal lives secret, there are many who value their fans so much that they share each and every moment with them. Whether its beauty secrets, family trips, fitness routines or upcoming projects some celebrities share everything with their fans, thus making them feel privileged. Likewise, businesses should stay transparent for their customers. A business can share the off scene information like product development and other details with customers to enhance the brand image and build trust with them.

Reinvent Your Brand for a Great Comeback

There are celebrities who got a breakthrough by refreshing their image. They got a whole new makeover and singing/acting style and consequently they succeeded in gaining fame. Lana Del Rey is one such singer who changed her name, got a 1960s makeover, made changes to the pitch of her voice and got heard by many. If your business is having a hard time in grabbing attention, it certainly needs a makeover too. Reinvent your brand, make changes to your logo, come up with new and appealing products and marketing strategy. Customers would definitely welcome the new you. You need to keep yourself updated with the evolving business trends if you are looking forward to attracting new customers along with retaining the old ones.

Be Charitable and Humane

The generosity of celebrities is commendable. They not only regularly contribute to charitable institutions but the businesses they are running also have the social corporate responsibility element. For instance, Jessica Alba’s Honest Brand endeavors to help families in giving their children the healthiest, safest and best start. So if you are running a business, highlighting the humane aspect of it will play a key role in creating emotional value for your brand. Even if your products/service cannot really contribute in improving the environment or society, you can stand for a cause and promote it. For instance, when your customers will know that you are putting your share in developing a vaccine for some deadly disease, they would value your business.

Diversify and Personalize Your Brand

If you really want your business to get noticed, offer your customers variety and originality. There are celebrities who are actors, producers, singers, directors and entrepreneurs at the same time. If you are a business that sells Women’s Casual Wear, do not just stick to one range of products, instead you can surprise your customers by offering them more. You can add Mom Wear, Sportswear, Office wear and accessories to your merchandise. Just like celebrities who have a signature style, always personalize your brand to stand out from the competition.