Customers want personalized experiences and giving them the choice of having a dedicated customer service representative is a great way to ensure efficiency, accuracy and timely service. It not only streamlines the service processes for customers but also plays a significant role in building stronger relationships. However, there are a few essentials that every dedicated CSR needs to understand in order to manage customer accounts efficiently. A CSR should be passionate about serving customers, should have a customer-centric approach and should always put customers’ needs ahead of everything else. A dedicated CSR should be well-acquainted with the preferences of his/her client, knowing what they like and what is the best approach to connect with them. Another factor that a CSR should take into account while assisting his/her customers is to always be a patient listener and understand their emotions. Knowing how to make them happy by going an extra mile is yet another essential of managing customer relationships. Have a look at this list of things every dedicated CSR needs to know!

Should Have Knowledge and Experience to Cater to Customers’ Needs

A CSR needs to have thorough knowledge about the products/service, company’s policies, billing, shipping information and all other essential details required to cater to clients’ needs. Taking care of individual customer accounts also requires hands-on experience, a CSR should understand the level of expectations and know how to deliver exceptional service every time. A dedicated customer service representative should look out for ways to improve the service experience for his/her clients and should ensure that every customer account is being managed professionally.

Should Know How to Empathize in Various Situations

Paying attention to whatever your clients say to you and being a patient listener are some of the necessary skills that a representative should have. There are situations when a customer is unhappy as a result of product failure or feels annoyed about not receiving the same quality of service. A dedicated customer service rep should be good at dealing with clients in difficult situations, he/she should know how to empathize with them and what to say to them if they are feeling angry and frustrated.

Should Know Customers’ Preferred Channel of Communication

CSRs managing multiple customer accounts should know the preferred channel of communication for every individual client. Effective communication is essential for delivering great service and building strong relationships with customers. CSRs need to make sure they actively communicate with every customer on their list. If a customer likes to be contacted on phone you should always call him/her, if a customer prefers email communication send personalized e-mails to that client, if a customer checks social media accounts regularly contact him/her on social media. However, too many phone calls, emails and reminders should be avoided as they are likely to annoy customers.

Should Know How to Make Clients Feel Valued

A dedicated CSR should understand the importance of thanking customers and should always make his/her client feel appreciated. It is the job of a CSR to put in every effort to make his/her clients happy and contented. A CSR should know how to give customers a gesture that they are a valuable asset to the business. Sending personalized “Thank you” handwritten cards to customers regularly, remembering their birthdays by sending a thoughtful gift and offering value added services makes them more inclined to stay with your business.

Should be Proactive in Offering Suggestions and Solutions

CSRs having dedicated customer accounts should be proactive in offering suggestions and solutions to their clients. There are situations when a customer is likely to ask his/her account manager to deal with issues or ask for possible suggestions or solutions to a problem. The representatives should always be there to offer friendly suggestions to clients and resolve their issues. Being a client service representative, you should keep them informed about any impending service issues and should suggest alternate solutions to save them from inconvenience.