Customer touchpoints are ways customers interact with a business on many levels and experience the offerings of a company, such as a product or service. Simply put, customer touchpoints are your company’s points of contact with the customer from the beginning till the end. To understand and master customer touchpoints, the core objective should be to map out a frame to see the customer journey and how they engage with the brand at different points, be it in-store, online or even post sales.

If companies are better equipped with the knowledge of how customers experience their brands, they will be able to chart out a more successful plan and offer quality experiences at each touchpoint.

Let’s have a close look at some important points which should be kept in notice.

Focusing on Experiential Attributes

By focusing more on highlighting experiences and emotional attributes of a product or service, it is more likely to win customers and make them feel important, leading to customer loyalty in the future. Just the delivery of a service or a quality product, are not enough in current times. Focus on delivering an experience on every touchpoint that will enhance the brand’s positioning in the mind of the consumer, and bring in a more loyal customer base for the company.

In-Store Experience

Providing your customer with a glance into the core offerings of a company, can only be delivered through an exceptional in-store customer experience. The first goal should be a friendly staff that is willing to assist the customer with any product or service related problem they have. Knowing they won’t leave the store without a solution, builds confidence in the mind of the customer and results in stronger relationships.

Being able to sample the products through demo units in a store, is a strong initiative to market the product and give customers a feel of what your company is offering. Apple has been very successful with their demo units, allowing customers to come and use their fantastic products and get a feel of the experience.

Website Design and Experience

Having a dynamic and user friendly website is an essential when enhancing the experience at touchpoints for customers. A smart and simple design which makes navigation easy enhances the customer experience as users can easily browse through and look for products they need. Other than clear layout and high definition interactivity, the website should provide connections to other touchpoints, such as the call center, the customer should be able to book a demo and have a smooth flow from the shopping cart to payment.

Customer Service Teams

An interaction with the customer service team can be a deciding factor for a customer’s perception towards your brand. All forms of contacts with the customer service team, be it through the call center, live chat or even the front desk, are types of touchpoints which must be mastered.

Develop standardization at all levels, and train your staff to keep the customer at the center no matter what the situation is, and ensuring satisfied customers, once they have interacted with the company.