Every business strives hard to create a strong and lasting relationship with its customers. It is crucial for every brand to maintain a certain standard of customer service in order to retain its clientele. However, some businesses go overboard in employing ways for customer conversion and feedback which results in annoying the customers rather than doing any good. Therefore, striking a balance between various ways of enhancing customer satisfaction and retention is vital for a business to be successful. Here are a few mistakes that most of the companies make in an attempt to be “super-efficient” in their service:


Sending Too Many Promotional Messages

Bombarding the customers with advertising, promotional and sales messages after every couple of hours is not a good idea. Your customers definitely want to know about your new products, upcoming sales and special offers but reminding them ten times a day is likely to irritate them. The result would be a customer sharing his/her annoyance on some social media platform leading to a negative impression about your brand. So make sure that the text messages about a new product, seasonal sale or discount offerings are sent just once. Utilize a proper SMS software to make the process more credible and error free.

Making Time-Consuming Quality Assurance Calls

Calling your customers at odd hours of the day and taking too much of their time asking about the quality of a product/service can irritate them. Quality assurance calls are not always answered because of the same issues; people don’t want to talk on the phone when they are in a meeting, spending time with the family or watching TV etc. Segment your target audience. If 80 percent of your customers are from the working class, avoid contacting them during office hours. Offer customers personal space and comfort zone to make the best out of your communication.

Not Responding Properly to the Queries

Many companies start talking to customers about their new offers during order placement or general queries. If a customer is placing an order for his/her favorite burger deal and asking you to deliver it quickly, he/she might not be interested in listening to the new promotions. Every query or order placement call should be responded according to the customers’ requirements. Bragging about your exclusive offers while cutting the conversation in the middle is likely to project bad customer service. You can talk about a new product or service upgrade after addressing the prior concerns of a consumer. Also ask the customer if they want to know about special offers, before throwing all the information at them.

Using a Complicated Feedback/Service Rating Approach

Some businesses seek help from analysts and experts to devise a feedback strategy for customer retention. The result is not always prolific since many of the comment cards or feedback e-mails contain complicated, time consuming questions that many customers do not bother replying to. So your effort for piling up questions for the feedback questionnaire would be wasted if the customers find it hard or boring to respond. Use simple, quick and effective means to get customers’ feedback, you can offer an incentive to stir interest; for example you can reward a special discount to first ten customers who rate your new product.