No customer settles for less or sticks to a company providing poor customer service. They will instantly look for a better alternative and switch. Whether you are serving disappointed customers from your competitors or your own loyal customers, the key to retention is through top notch customer service. This requires an effort which is based on personalized service and working 24/7 to make customers life easier and more comfortable.

Let’s look at three simple yet effective ways that can help you deliver top notch customer service:

Distinguish Your Service

The first and foremost goal in delivering first class service is by distinguishing your service quality from your competition. Your service quality, prices and customer care should be far superior to what your competitors are offering. If you offer good products with supreme service and keep the customer at the center, you are more likely to retain your customers and keep them satisfied.

Find out what customers are looking out for, in terms of value for their money and time invested in your company. Ensure that you reach out to the customer and guarantee they have a positive experience. Beating competition by personalized and satisfactory service is surely a route to great customer service.

Smooth Flow of Communication

No customer is looking forward to doing business with a company with a static website or a simple phone number which never connects. The key to achieving first rate customer service is by assuring you will be there for the customer 24/7. No matter which digital channel, he or she uses to approach, you have to be conveniently reachable, without the customer having to put in any extra effort and without facing any delays. Being able to constantly connect with a company and having the faith that they will have a promising solution, will win the confidence of your customer, who will never look to do business with your competition.

Be prompt in responding, by sending emails or returning messages on the website or even calling back to voice mails. Don’t spend hours trying to get back, since it builds frustration and anger in the customers, who are always eager to have their problems resolved, within the time span of “now”.

Outdo Expectations

Low prices, discounts, free and fast delivery have all become customer expectations. It is becoming harder to sweep your customer off his or her feet by offering these service qualities. In order to beat expectations and make it to the customer’s heart, it requires a more personalized and attentive service. Your goal should be to surprise and delight the customer. Exceed expectations and wow the customer by delivering beyond expectations to be there for them.

An example can be seen of United Airlines, which delayed its flight for a passenger whose mother was dying and he was not sure if he would be able to see her again. When his flight got delayed and he was going to miss the connecting flight, the airline crew reported it to the captain who made a request to the connecting flight. Upon reaching the airport, Kerry Drake, was welcomed with the flight waiting for him to arrive. Drake said, I was still like maybe 20 yards away when I heard the gate agent say, ‘Mr. Drake, we’ve been expecting you,”

This definitely touched the customer’s heart and he went on to thank the company and the story eventually got to CNN and gained the airline much respect.